Chapter Nine

My mom's jaw unhinged and dropped in surprise, Zane froze solid with his eyes wide. I blushed at their reactions and hid behind his arm from their stares. Mom's eyes hit me with a tsunami behind her bottom lid, her green eyes asking for confirmation. I nodded and speaker when he reached down to place a kiss to the top of my head. I looked up, his eyes glowing in the dimly lit room. I listened to mom choke on a sob and Zane shushed her silently. Eli smiled down at me and spoke to my mother without lifting his gaze.

"I'm plannin

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Lesa Clements
so she got out the shower blowdried her hair then further on in the chapter her hair was wet again? ...... think the writer forgot what they wrote for a minute there ...
goodnovel comment avatar
Bella Jersey
Living her life I’d be scared too

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