Chapter Twenty-Two

I sigh and lay a kiss to her temple as she lays in deep slumber. I play with her hair as I turn back to my computer. I searched through tons of different necklaces, trying to find one I thought she'd like. I smile and click on one, my smile widening. I click buy before closing the app and shutting my laptop. I place it on the bedside table before cuddling up with her, making sure not to make her stir.

"Alpha," Martin spoke through the link, I groan but respond anyway.

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goodnovel comment avatar
Taking not taken
goodnovel comment avatar
I thought it was the Luna ceremony and she was supposed to wear white??
goodnovel comment avatar
I don’t understand at first when Nicole had to wear the collar lined with silver during the ceremony with Mia and Kane it burnt her and now they’re all wearing silver jewels?

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