Chapter 56 part I

The portal disappeared along with his Elle, "She's gone..." he whispered into space, tears streamed down his eyes, "she's really gone..." He hung his head as he buried his face on his palms. He felt a sudden piercing pain in his heart, his face twisted in pain as he clutched his hand to his chest, suddenly he saw a sharp glare, his vision darkened as he dropped down on the floor, the honking of cars pierced his ears, he covered his ears, his head throbbed with pain as the noise in his ear worsened, with a sharp pain on his chest he lost his consciousness.

The glare of the sun on his face made him stir from his slumber, the beeping of the machine rang in his ears, with his eyes slowly adjusting to the bright light, the white ceiling came into his view.

"Where?" He tried to get up but a sharp pain on the sides of his chest pushed him back into the bed. "Oww," He tried to move his hand but his hands refused to move, they felt so weak.

"Are you awake?" A worried face came into his view,
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