Epilogue I

They cuddled against each other in the bed, she clung on to his shirt holding it tightly, "What?" he raised his brows at her, "I'm scared you'll disappear," She spoke in a sad voice. He then pulled her closer in a tight hug, placing a kiss on her hair he whispered, "Go to sleep, I'll be right here." He gently stroked her hair, enveloped by his warmth her eyes grew heavy, slowly her lids began to drop, with her eyes shut she slowly surrendered to herself to sleep. 

When her breath grew slow and regular, he smiled down at her caressing her face he tucked the strands of her hair behind her ear. Pressing his soft lips on her forehead he whispered, "Good night"

The next morning, Elle stirred at the chirping of the birds, the cool breeze blew on her face, she smiled as she threw her arm over the other side of the bed, she frowned when her arm landed on a huge pillow, her eyes flew open and she sat up abruptly. She frantically ran her eyes around the room but couldn't fi

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