Chapter 5

As expected her interviews didn't go well, "Why didn't I get the job? Because I'm going to get it at RC." She sighed. "And when will that be?"..."I don't know. Why can't you hire me sooner?" She complained looking at Reece's picture on her laptop. "Forget about hiring they haven't even announced the vacancy yet, Can't the story go a Lil' faster? Like when I open my eyes I've already gotten the job?" She rolled her eyes, she then looked at her wallet on the side, "I'm running out of money!" She hung her head. 

"No, lift your spirit, Elle. At this rate you'll starve to death before starting your story with Reece, no, no, you can't let that happen. Let's look for a part-time for the time being." She patted her shoulder. "Let's go for a job hunt." 

After searching out the entire day, she couldn't find a job anywhere, defeated she slumped down on the floor and sighed hugging her knees. Her stomach rumbled asking for her attention, she patted her belly, the smell of the food teased her, she followed the smell and landed on the same book store, "I always end up here." She shook her head, she then noticed a flyer outside, her eyes widened and she ran to take a closer look, she smiled widely, "Oh yes!" She tore it off from the wall and went inside. 

She followed the smell upstairs into a small kitchen. The guy was cooking, whistling and humming by himself, he tasted the food and nodded in satisfaction, he fished out a plate and served the spaghetti on his table, just then he noticed her drolling over his food. 

"You again?" The guy shouted in horror.

"Ooo Food!" Her eyes sparkled at the sight of the delicious food laid out on the table, she ran to it. She grabbed the fork and was about to roll the spaghetti, he slapped her hands away, she then looked up at him, "That's mine." he glared at her. "Didn't I tell you not to come here again?" 

She then smiled meekly, her stomach grumbled. He rolled his eyes, "Fine!" He yelled and gave her a quarter of his portion, "Stingy!" She pouted sulkily. "Okay." He moved the plates back to his side, "No, it's okay, it's more than enough. Thank you." She snatched the plate back and dug in. He clicked his tongue as he shook his head.

After finishing her food she kept looking at him, he was about to take a bite when he felt her hungry eyes on his food, "Damn you." He sighed in defeat and pushed his plate to her. "Have it all." He rolled his eyes as he picked up the call to order another dish for himself. 

"Thank you." She wags her invisible tail. "Sorry for calling you stingy, mannerless jerk and... hmm nevermind. Thank you." She goes back to her food. 

After finishing the food, she keeps staring at him, he looks up, "You want more?" He raises his brows. "No, no, I'm full, you can have your food in peace." She smiles at him. 

"Why are you still here?" 

"Oh, this!" She waves the flyer in front of him. "Hi, I'm your new part-timer." She grins.

"Rejected." He snatches the flyer from her hand.


"Because I say so."

"But no one can do the job better than me. I love books." 

"What has that to do with this?"

"I'll sell it well." 

"No thank you." 

"We can negotiate, I don't even need money, just provide me three meals a day." 

"Hmm..." He thinks for a moment she looks at him with hopeful eyes, "No." He shakes his head.

"You can't reject me."

"And why not?"

"Because this is my story, you're just a mere character created by the great me."

"Even better, I get to reject the great you, the author who created me."

"Please! I really need this job. Can't I be a temporary one? Just for a few days?"

"No." He picked up his plate and moved it to the sink. She followed him."Let me do it for you." She snatched the plate from his hand. "No thank you." He tried to snatch it back, she dodged him, "You fed me thank you now I'll do the dishes." The guy rolled his eyes and brought more dishes to clean, "Suit yourself." He placed the dirty dishes in front of her. 

Her eyes widened at the number of dishes he brought, she then glared at him. "What?" He glared back. "Nothing." She pouted sulkily as she resumed washing the dishes. 

After completing the task, she ran to him, "So am I hired?"

"No." He shook his head.

"Hey, I even did all the dishes for you." She complained.

"I didn't ask you to, you did it yourself." He shrugged.

Her anger flared, she clenched her palm into a fist, almost ready to hit him. Calm down Elle, you need this job. She took a deep breath in and then let it out. 

"Do you really have to be so mean? Why isn't everything going well for me? First of all, I'm thrown into this strange world, there's no one I know or who knows me, I didn't have cash on me, my cards didn't work here, I didn't get to eat for 2 whole days and also I'm the one getting treated as a weirdo by people here when finally I thought my crisis will end I'm not getting a job anywhere! Why? Because it's the plot! I can only get a job at RC but no that stupid Reece, why hasn't his company announced the vacancy yet?" She rants. "And you," She glares at him, "It's not like I like to hang around you all the time but for some reason, I always end up at your doors. What am I supposed to do? And it's not like I'm asking for your life, I'm just asking for a part-time job to feed myself! You're the only person I can turn to. Can't you be a little nicer?" She shouts at him. Tears start to prick her eyes and she sits down on the floor turning her back to him.

"A-are you seriously crying?" He gets up in a panic. "Look, umm... I'm sorry okay." He didn't know what to do, he had no idea, he didn't know she would breakdown like this. "hey?" He called out to her when she didn't answer, "Okay, fine, you're hired. Now stop crying...please?" 

"You don't mean it, you're just saying it to pacify me." She said, her voice trembling.

"Well... yes?" He frowned. "I mean no. I mean it, you're hired." 

"You can't back out."

"I'm not going to back out. Man of my words. Now please stop crying?"

"Who said I was crying?" She turned to him with a bright smile on her face. 

"You deceived me." He glared at her. 

"No, you assumed I was crying, I just didn't clarify." She shrugged. Before he could complain she intervened, "Now you can't back out." 

"Fine." He rolled his eyes.

"Thank you so much. I really mean it, you're my savior. And don't you worry I won't be here for long, just until I can get a job at RC." 

"I hope that'll be soon." He prays.

"Okay so let's get a proper introduction, come to think of it, I don't even know your name." she frowned. "I'm Ivana, you can just call me Iva."

"Hmm." He nodded and turned his back.

"Hey, that's rude. Wait, you do have a name right?" 

"Name?" He muttered in a voice she couldn't hear. "It's just 'Boss' for you." He answered over his shoulder and walked out.

"Weirdo! But well, I got myself a job... finally! I don't need to worry about food anymore. My tummy would've hated me." 

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