Chapter 6

Arielle was cleaning the floor humming to herself, "There," Her pricky boss pointed from his chair. 

"Where?" She looked around if she missed a spot. 

"At the corner." He pointed. 

She rolled her eyes, "I know, I'm getting there first let me finish this area?" 

"You're slow, at this rate you won't be able to finish by the opening time." He irritatingly pointed out. 

"If only you'd shut your mouth and let me work, I'll finish it," She retorted.  

"Is that how you talk to your boss?" He narrowed his eyes. 

"Your majesty, if only you'd shut your mouth and rest upstairs, this messy servant of your will complete her work on time," She put her hand on her chest and bowed, "was that good enough?" She raised her brows at him. 

"now, please," She gave him a fake smile and gestured. 

He rolled his eyes and began to ascend the stairs, "I don't want a speck of dust around," He warned her before disappearing upstairs. 

"This brat!" She clutched the handle of the mop stick in anger. "Calm down, Elle." She took a deep breath. "You just need to tolerate him for a few days." She pacified herself and resumed her work. 

At exactly 9 am she turned the signboard which now hung on the see-through glass of the door, "Open" A hand from behind startled her, "Oh God!" She screamed it was her rude boss, he slid his index finger on the glass and inspected it closely, "Not bad," He muttered. 

"I told you so," She held her head high. 

Ignoring her, her rude boss went back to his seat. The door chimed as they welcomed their first customer. 

At around 7 pm they closed the store, Arielle sat down with her laptop refreshing the webpage of RC Pvt Ltd waiting for the vacancy announcement, she clicked on the icon repeatedly smashing the left button of the mouse.  

"You're going to break that." Her boss scowled in her direction.

Paying no heed, she continued, Why the hell I am stuck with this rude boss? The whole day she had been at his beck and call, he had her assist the customers finding their book of choice, he sent her after them even to those who didn't want her assistance, one of these days he's going to lose his customer, she sighed.

"That's enough." He snatched the laptop and mouse from her, he was annoyed by the continuous clicking sound. "Why're you so obsessed with this RC anyway?"

"Are you kidding me? He's 'The Reece Brown' the heartthrob, the sweetheart, the sweetest, kindest and the most understanding boss unlike my present rude boss," he narrowed his eyes at her, she averted her gaze and continued, "moreover he is my ideal man, the one I'm here for? the one who can send me back home." 

"Can he now?"

"He's the main character, I'm his heroine, after the completion of the story I get to go back home, in short, he's the ticket to my world." She reasoned it out. 

"For real?" He raised his brows.

"Just a hypothesis." She shrugged, "What else would send me home? Even if I'm wrong I wouldn't miss my chance to romance my ideal man, I mean it's not like every day you get the chance to meet up and romance with the guy from your favorite novel, that's what every girl dreams of, I got the chance to live it." She smiled dreamily. 

"Okay, congratulations then you just got the ticket to your world." His eyes met hers as he looked up from the laptop screen. 

"Huh?" She tilted her head in confusion. 

"You just got the appointment letter from your dear RC." He turned the laptop screen for her to read the letter. 

"Oh my god!" She squealed, "Perks of being the main character, you don't even have to apply and you're accepted. I'm so happy." She did a happy dance and was about to hug him when she felt a dull painful resistance, opening her eyes she noticed he jabbed his finger on her forehead, "Stay in your limits." he shoved her back. 

"Okay, okay my mean boss, gotta go now, see ya or maybe not," She waved at him and collecting her belongings she dashed off, left behind the guy sighed, "Really like a storm" He muttered.


The next day, Arielle came early to the book store, her boss raised a brow at her, "What are you doing here?" 

"I'm a part-timer." She put her things at the table on the counter. 

"I thought you had a new job?" The guy tilted his head to the side.

"My work starts at 9, I can help out here and go, I won't just ditch my work and walk off just because I got another job, you fed me, gave me a job, I owe you at least this much." She smiled at his direction.

"That's fine, you can just leave. I can hire another." 

"I'll help you until you find someone else." She picked up the mop stick. 

Seeing that nothing would stop her he sighed in resignation and let her do her work. 

After finishing up, she stared at his direction, "What?" He raised his brows.

"Can I borrow your room for 5 minutes?" She looked at him with hopeful eyes.

"No." He answered immediately. 

"please? I need to get ready for my work," She pleads, he was about to deny her when she ran upstairs, "I won't take much time, I promise," Her voice trailed off as she closed the door behind.

She wore a dress and let her hair down and pinned a lock of hair with a cute hairpin, looking at her reflection she smiled, "We're ready to go." 

"How do I look?" She stood in front of her boss. 

"So-so." He commented without even looking at her. 

"Okay, thank you for everything." She bowed and took off. 

Reaching her new office she took a deep breath and put on a smile, "We're finally here." She felt all giddy as she stepped inside the office, she walked to the reception, just then the elevator opened and Reece stepped out with his secretary, everyone gave them the way, suddenly she was handed a stack of a file, "You're the new secretary?" His secretary turned to her, "Yes," she managed to nod, "great follow me." On the way she was told that he'll be training her for one-month handing over his position, she was also briefed about the meeting they were going to attend within a few minutes, her head spun, too much work for her first day, she thought as she followed them. 

The meeting went smooth and she came to admire Reece even more after his cool performance at the meeting, she was mesmerized by him and by the time she came to her senses, the meeting was over. 

When they got back to the office, she had piles of work on her desk, "Oh no! and here I thought I'll be able to hang out with Reece, but he didn't even recognize me and the work..." She clicked her tongue in frustration. 

Just then, she noticed a bouquet on her desk, "oh," She blinked in surprise, she noticed a note on it, 

'We met again :) Let's have lunch together, celebrating your first day at work?' -R  

A sweet smile played on her lips as soon as she realized who had sent it, "Oh Reece!" She hugged the note with a wide grin. 

Just finishing her work she stepped out to freshen up, she looked at her reflection and put on some makeup for her lunch date with Reece, when she came out, her eyes widened in shock, "Why? She?What the hell?"

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