Chapter 12

"God! I'm in trouble!" Arielle paced across the washroom, right now, she had two problems to deal with, First, she couldn't go out to attend the meeting, why? Cause Ivana must be there already. Second, Tom had been waiting for her outside. Damn him! She stared at her reflection in the mirror and sighed. 

She then slowly opened the door and leaning against the wall, she peeked at Tom, she then immediately got back inside and shut the door behind her, the man was still there, "Why did I even make this annoying character?" She cursed herself as she paced again trying to think her way out. She then stopped and looked heavenwards, "You put me inside this novel, help me, will you?" She complained. 

She again went out and peeked at him, "How persistent!" She clicked her tongue, just then his phone rang and he fished his phone out of his pocket, he turned his back to her as he answered the call, 'This is my chance!' She nodded to herself as she stared at the fire exi

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