Chapter 13

Tired by the hide and seek for the entire day at the office, she finally reached home. Her stomach rumbled as she got inside, she hadn't had anything the entire day. Following the smell of the food, "Got some food for me too, boss?" She asked entering the kitchen.

"Take a seat," He told her fixing their plates. 

"Hmm, I missed you," She stared at food as she took a fork full of spaghetti inside her mouth. She relished her first food of the day. Her patience snapped with the taste and she stuffed the food in her mouth faster. "Slow down," He wiped the food stain from her nose. "This is my first food of the day, eat yours faster or I'll steal that too," She told him stuffing the food. 

He just stared at her as she gobbled up, not even leaving a stain on her plate, he sighed shaking his head and shifted his plate to her, "boss," She looked at him with teary eyes. "Have it," He urged, "I'm sorry for all the mean things I've ever said to you, you're the bes

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