Chapter Five 1. Sally

Sally certainly hadn’t expected their night to be as fun as it was. Hunter was attentive and interesting. She could hear his passion for environmental architecture and understood instantly why north industries had flourished so. 

The pub was cozy even if Hunter was a dirty fish eater she hadn’t had a date like this in a while. 

The underlining current of what was to come couldn’t be denied and Sally realised she wanted to be with both of them. It felt surreal to her. Maybe in her wildest dreams had she thought of having two lovers at once. But here she was, actually contemplating a relationship with a married couple. 

It was something so far out of her comfort zone that she probably should be worried. Instead she was excited. 

“Would it be too early to ask for one kiss?”

Fucken Hell, the man was sin on legs. Her knees practically went to jelly and she had to close her eyes to get some form of cohere

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goodnovel comment avatar
Mmmmmm ? and what will happen to our intrepid adventurers next ?
goodnovel comment avatar
Mel Dixon
Thanks! I worked on these chapters so fast I did zero editing ?
goodnovel comment avatar
Jane Knight
omg!!!!! love it. can't wait for the next chapter. btw you slip tenses a little in the story, just something to keep in mind when you edit <3 keep up the amazing work!

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