Chapter Six 1. Sally

“Oi, sweet cheeks!” Yuki called through Sally’s closed door, “you’re gonna be late to work, move your butt.”

Sally buried herself further under her blankets. 

“I’m sick,” she managed loud enough for Yuki too hear. “I’m not going in today.”

The lack of sleep and constant tears lent realism to her fib. Sally’s voice was croaky and dry, and her exhaustion filled each word. She felt bad lying to her best friend, but not bad enough to tell the truth and have to talk about it. At least she’d had the forethought to send a text to Kyra. It wouldn’t look good, it being her first week, but there wasn’t much else she could do.

“Do you need anything, hun?” Yuki’s voice was instantly softer, worried. Sally wallowed in her guilt.

“Just gonna sleep,” she managed, grateful for the soft ‘kay’ as her friend left her to it.&nb

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Eve Schuster
loving this story
goodnovel comment avatar
Mel Dixon
I love me some sexeh Hunter! He's mighty fine when he's not being a pissy cat
goodnovel comment avatar
AAAHHHHH my poor babies all of them but i'm so glad sally is feeling a little better and that sexy hunter is there to soothe her

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