Chapter Seven 2. Celeste

Celeste had felt Sally step into the clearing. Actually she had known the moment her mates had stepped onto Clan land. She knew she shouldn’t be, but even after all these years Hunter continued to surprise her. He hadn’t mentioned at any point that he was going to get Sally and bring her here.

But she’d had to take a deep breath and let it go. The Clan needed her right now, and whilst this happened to directly involve her mate, she had to focus here first. 

Celeste didn’t need another reason to cause unrest and have the Elders fight her again.

Isabella and Conner were upset, realising belatedly the stupidity they’d been talked into. They needed to know not to be stupid again and if hyenas did anything well, it was to settle things with a fight.

Shifting in front of Sally was something else. She could feel the thrum of Hunter’s approval through their mate bond, it settled warmly in her stomach. He had always been pr

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Mel Dixon
I have to admit, they make me laugh out loud quite a bit
goodnovel comment avatar
Hazel Lowell
AHHH i could spend hours reading interactions between these three
goodnovel comment avatar
Mel Dixon
Thanks, it's been good to write

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