Chapter Seven 3. Hunter

Hunter wasn’t sure how Sally would take this. Humans were notoriously funny when it came to gender, sex and sexuality. Shifters could be, but it was hard to be when the mate bond came into play. Unless your family was incredibly traditional, or you grew up among ultra conservative humans, chances were another shifter wouldn’t care what was in your pants, or who you stuck it to. 

But finding out your partner didn’t necessarily look the same as others of their presenting gender in the human world? People died for that everyday.

Whilst he was certain Sally wouldn’t be violent or anything even remotely similar, no one could know how they’d react. It hurt to think that Sally might reject Celeste due to this.

Sally’s head cocked to the side as she watched Celeste.

“This is important, isn’t it?” 

Celeste nodded. “This is who I am, being my mate means accepting that. I know for many huma

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Mel Dixon
I read a book the other day where a bear shifter left his mark on his mates butt. I would like to write that one day
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Jane Knight
love them dude and yes we'd all like to see ;)

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