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Lyka's P.O.V

I am trembling and shivering my voice hoarse but before I can comprehend anything, the weight us instantly removed from my body.

I can hear animal growls and when I open my eyes, I see him, Mr Harry fighting with the man who is their boss both releasing guttural sounds like wild animals.

In no second, the boss is down and Mr Harry runs to me. The other two men are already taken out by the other men he came with. I am beyond terrified after watching this. Mr Harry is a monster too.

He's holding me in his arms now and instead of feeling scared, I feel safe. His smooth features are creased and I can see the worry his eyes.

"Lyka, are you okay?" he asks me and I nod weakly.

He orders his men to watch out for other threats and then he carries me bridal style cooing me that it was going to be okay.

Before I know it, darkness envelopes me.

"Come here baby, I know you like it." the man traces my jaw with his filthy fingers.

I am disgusted by his cheap beer breath and leer look on his face.

He instantly launches his body to mine attacking my lips.

"Let me go. Leave me alone you filthy animal." I kick and struggle but he has me put and helpless.

"Leave me alone," I bite his hand hard.

"Slut," he slaps me and it fuckin stings.

He goes to unbuckle his belt and I lose it all.

"Am going to teach you disrespectful whore a lesson." he smirks.

"Let me go, let me go,"

"Leave me alone, leave..."

I hear someone call my name and shake me and that's when I wake up suddenly.

I am breathless and sweaty when I open my eyes wider. I see the concerned look in Mr Harry's eyes. I waste no minute before I hug him tightly. He doesn't return the favor at first but after a while he pats his hand on my back softly.

In his arms I feel safer. I was almost raped and right now I need the comfort I get.

The door immediately bursts open and we immediately pull apart. It's my mom.

"Honey, are you okay?" she immediately hugs me.

"I am fine. It was just a bad dream." I pull away beaming a little.

It's now I realise that am back to the confinement of my room I guess.

I feel guilty for everything I did now. I shouldn't have run away, perhaps they were right, my life is in danger.

"Excuse me," Mr Harry says glancing at us and then walks out.

Mom continues her marathon of questions.

"I am fine mom," I roll my eyes.

"What were you thinking Lyka? Those men could have raped you or done something worse.."

"Do you think I would stay in this hell hole for my entire life." I argued frustrated.

"No one said you were a prisoner Lyka. We want you to understand."

"Great, just great."

I stood up, "I am going to freshen up. You can show yourself out."

Despite her hesitation, she nonetheless walked out. Just because they saved my life doesn't mean that I forgive and forget their lies.

After the long hot shower, I opt for a pale purple sun dress.

Tying my hair in a ponytail, I open the door sighing hard. Perhaps it was the time I faced my new reality. I walked down the hallway quietly. Now I took my time to scrutinize the place. The spotless white huge pillars and walls.

There were three other rooms other than my room which were locked. I looked further spotting the artistic paintings on the wall. They are really nice paintings. A painting with a large wolf howling to the moon.

Of course, they had paintings of their own. I don't know if I will get used to this life or this madness. There was another of a beautiful woman with the most natural black curls and the piercing turquoise eyes. Her face was calm like she had no worries in life.

She sat confidently in the lavender gown and then something caught my eye. The half-moon necklace around her neck. I quickly search my neck tugging at the same necklace I've had ever since I am young.

This can't be. It's the same necklace.

Does this mean she's my mother? Is she the one that gave me the necklace.

Beside her are other older men and women I have never seen.

Memories struck my mind when my mom would give me letters every single birthday I held. She always said they were from a distant aunt from my father's side.

She always gifted me with expensive gifts each time even when I less expected. Whenever I asked my mom why this aunt never visited, she told me she was faraway and always busy. She couldn't come but she promised that she would come one day.

Now I know why she never visited, I could figure out what a copy of hers  I am.

I hear someone clear their voice and when I turn, I find Sebastian smiling at me.

"Hey," I say forcing a smile to my lips.

"Good to see you again alive."

"I am glad too," that's when I realize that one of the guys that saved my life was Sebastian. I remember the brown hair.

"You were there. You saved my life." I said ridiculously.

"Kind off," Sebastian shrugged.

"I didn't know you would run away. That's new." his smile was warm.

"That sounds like me."

"So you are also a werewolf?" I ask obviously.

"You are a smart girl Lyka, that's no brainer."

"It's not every day that people run away from here, I see why." I walk down the stairs with him.

"That was not the smartest move but I will give you some credit." he winks at me and I smile back.

I spend my breakfast with Sebastian. He's pretty charming and I would give him that. I realized not many people were in the Villa. Only maids and then some guards. Neither my mom nor Mr Harry were to be seen but being with Sebastian made me calmer.

He told me about himself about his father was Marco and her mother died. No surprise at all because we have the same brown hair. I asked him about Ethel and that's when he told me Ethel was her aunt. Marco and Ethel are siblings. I didn't see that coming I guess.

He toured me around the Villa starting with the East wing where we were. My room and the piano room. There was the huge room which he mentioned belonged to the alpha which was Evanna Whitrow, my real mom. The day he talked about her like she was an angel. It seems I have a lot to learn.

He toured me around the enormous dining room, sitting room, the council room. He didn't tell me more about it except that that's where the council held meetings. The enormous hall which accommodates around a thousand people. The room was just amazing.

Then the west wing where most of the people lived. It's where Mr Harry's room was.

"This is Mr Harry's room?" I pointed to the closed door at the far end of the hall.

"Mr Harry, oh come on, you mean Gabriel's room? Yes." he smirked at me.

The room was locked and Sebastian told me if I didn't want trouble, I should probably stay away from his room. He showed me his room which was pretty organized for a guy his age.

There was a basement and for that he told me I would get to know soon its use. The enormous library with about a thousand books.

"You can read our history from here, everything you want to find out, the rules, how we came in existence." Sebastian explained.

"Beautiful," I said as I traced the huge books.

I was now exhausted by the time we finished.

"So how's uh, Gabriel connected to all this?" I asked curiously as we walked to the compound.

"Eager much huh, I told you that you should stay out of his way. Lyka you should be asking about me." he smiles at me.

"Okay, Gabriel was like your mother's second hand. The two were very close. So I guess when you become the alpha, he's going to be your beta just like my father was your mother's beta. If possible it would even be me but your mom chose him."

Was I getting what Sebastian was getting straight? Gabriel was my mom's right hand man. He was important to my mom in Sebastian's explanation. Alpha, beta, I wasn't getting any of this.

"Alpha, beta , what do all these mean?" I ask when we reach the howling wolf fountain.

"Alpha is the highest position and then beta the second rank." he explained.

"So what about my father?" I have been curious to ask this question.

Sebastian blankly stares at me.

"I don't know Lyka. I think that's a question you can ask the council."

No one has bothered to tell me about my father. I no longer buy her the things my mom told me that he died before I was born.

We continued touring the flower garden which belonged to Evanna. Well it's difficult to accept that she's my mom. Everything is new and a lot to take in.

We played chess after lunch where Sebastian beat me badly. I almost forgot that I have a lot to figure out.

"Where did the people go? It's like it's only us and the maids." I asked.

"Some are just in the shadows Lyka and if you are talking about Gabriel, Olivia, my aunt and dad, they have a lot to figure out since the alpha is dead."

"Like a country has a president, our pack needs a leader, an alpha and that's you. Everyone is counting on you Lyka. If we don't have a leader, we mean nothing." he said enthusiastically.

Oh my God

"I have zero experience and am just trying to figure out who I am." I muttered.

"You'll come around Lyka. Just know we have your back. We are in this together." he assured me with a smile.

Was I really ready for this? I am not sure about anything in my life now. I can see the way the maids look at me like their hope lies in me. The respect they show towards me like I am some god. I should get my head from the gutter.

At seven, dinner is served and I am surprised when I enter the dining room to find the people there. Even the bald head is there with the blonde. Sebastian had told me that they eat together and now I see what he meant.

I walk to a seat near Sebastian nodding politely to my neighbor.

"Seems we have a lot of company," I whisper to Sebastian.

"You'll get used to it." he smiles back.

I acknowledge Gabriel, my mom, Ethel and Marco. It feels calm anyway when we start to dig in.

We eat silently and when we are done, everyone leaves the table simultaneously. It's like everyone knows what to do at this time.

"I never thought you guys eat like real food," I whispered to Sebastian.

"What do you think we are? Being werewolves doesn't make us any different."

Mom pecks me goodnight after asking me if I had a good time today.

Sebastian goes with his father and Ethel too.

It was Gabriel and I left on the table now. I am surprised the man is still smartly dressed in his three piece grey suit. He is very smart and handsome as ever. I feel that tinge in my spine I ignore when his eyes meet mine.

I can see that he's worn out with the slumping shoulder blades. His midnight black hair tousled like he had been passing his fingers frequently in it but I find it very sexy.

Damn woman with your crazy hormones

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