Lyka's P.O.V

It has been two weeks since I started training with Sebastian. After my encounter with Gabriel, I asked Sebastian a favor to teach me how to fight since he was great at it. We worked tirelessly in the gym which was situated in the west wing every single day.

Each day came with a hectic task and by now, I am great since I am a fast learner.  Sebastian has been teaching me the basics and now the real tactics. It hasn't been easy with a lot of muscle pulls and hard falls but I need all I can get. I have a point to prove.

"You've gotten stronger than before." Sebastian remarked passing me a bottle of water.

"That's because I have a great teacher." I smiled at him.

Sebastian was really good and strong. Most of the time I made it a habit to stare at his strong muscular body. It was really distracting most times but nothing I can't handle.

"Of course, I am a good teacher." Sebastian smirked.

The door to the gym flew open revealing the blond and bald head. I felt a path of guilt in my heart. When their eyes met with mine, I felt like hiding under my skin.

"Lincoln, Derek." Sebastian acknowledged as they walked closer. I didn't know if Sebastian was oblivious to my insecurities or not.

Right now they were grinning at Sebastian.

"Hey man," the bald head guy greeted.

"Linc man, you look like you could actually use the gym indeed." Sebastian teased making them chuckle.

So the bald head was Lincoln and the blond was Derek. I think I need to apologize to them.

"Linc, Derek, you guys met Lyka?" Sebastian asked.

Of course and I drugged them.

The guys gazed at me and right now am shrinking inwardly.

"Lyka," I introduced with a fake smile.

"Guess our first acquaintance didn't end well then." I continued awkwardly.

"Actually that's true but we can correct that. What do you think Lyka?" Derek smirked at me.

"Yeah, I guess." I smiled to them.

"Come on guys," Sebastian eased the tension I was feeling. I needed a break from my anxious nerves.

"What do you say we do it again on a new slate?" Lincoln offered a handshake which I gladly took.

"I am sorry...for everything" I said timidly.

"No problem Lyka, we understand your reasons." Lincoln smiled.


Me and the guys became really acquainted that evening and by the time I went to freshen up, I really felt the ache in my muscles. Dinner was even better with the amiable conversations between different guys.

After dinner, I wasn't so tired and so I decided to take a walk around. I sat on the brink of the fountain staring at the reflection of the moon in the water. I am wondering how drastic my life has changed from an ordinary human to a supernatural being.

I even wonder what Samantha thinks or is doing. I miss her a lot now.

While I was lost in my thoughts, I noticed a shadow walking to the west wing. When I watched closer, I realized it was Gabriel. The broad built body and tousled hair, it really fit him so perfectly. Now this was my time to show off what I have learnt.

I stealthily tiptoed to his direction making sure I am as discreet as possible. I walk closer to his silhouette whose back is to me. I walk closer until I am sure I can attack. I waste no minute when I launch at him.

As if he senses my presence, he stops my fist midway so steadily. I am not backing down, not now, not today. I twist my hand out of his grasp and go for his jaw but he stops me quickly.

His face is so calm and emotionless like I am just playing with him. This angers me more and I angrily go for his groin but he stops me by his hand. I am flustered with how calm he looks. I need to make an impact.

I rethink my attack and that's when I try to elbow him but he immediately grasps my elbow and I use this as a chance to kick him in the stomach but before I know it, am flat on the ground his eyes still stoic gazing into mine.

"Urghhh," I huff angrily.

He has managed to win me even without trying. I didn't even get a punch to touch the cotton button up shirt he has on.

He hasn't said a word but instead watches me struggle beneath his grip.

Down here I can see perfectly his beautiful sculpted features of his face. His steel gray eyes trained on me sternly and his prominent masculine arms looking sexy and strong under the shirt. I am now having the best view of my life.

Oh poor Lyka.

I need to go back on track, to where we were before I zoned out.

Damn hormones.

"Alright, you win." I muttered calmly.

Gabriel left me and stood up turning to leave not bothering to help me up.

"Wait," I called stopping him.

I stood up from the ground walking to him until I was in front his 6'4 towering over my 5'8 but I didn't care.

"I really need your help to be a better person." I didn't care if I was begging but I had to do it.

"Is that all you got Lyka, giving up already? You really have a lot to learn." Gabriel asked with an arrogant raised brow.

Arrogant prick.

"I am trying, don't you see?" I said my voice a little on the edge.

I am like a ticking bomb, any minute am likely to explode but I am trying to keep my calm.

"Then try harder." he said in an unfazed voice.

I am losing it and now I have totally lost it. I am an impatient being and I even don't know his I have managed till now.

"Can you get that stick out of your ass? Don't you see that am trying here?" I mumble irritably but instead he looks unfazed by my outburst.

"Is that what Sebastian has been teaching you? If you can't control your emotions, then you are no good. You are as good as dead and with your lack of knowledge about things and immaturity, you are a dead man Lyka." he simply discarded me.

Lack of knowledge, I mean what did I need to know? How werewolves eat? I have read about almost everything in those damn books.

Immaturity, just because I lack fighting skills and lunged at him doesn't mean am immature. What a judging prick he is!

Of course am beyond pissed off. He keeps making me feel like to trash and expects me to be happy about it.

Spare me.

I am going to stand up for myself no matter what.

He knew Sebastian was training me.

Of course, he knew. Great job at being discreet.

Right now I don't care if he knew or not, I need him to get my point and I am going to prove it despite his arrogance and coldness.

"At least he wasn't a coward to teach me." I challenge.

"You didn't even get past a mere punch, get over yourself Lyka." he scoffed arrogantly.

He was right about that but at least I made an effort.

"Go to sleep Lyka, you look tired." he dismissed me walking away from me.

I am really tired but I am not giving up, just not yet.

"Then why don't you teach me." I said stopping him in his tracks.

"You are so weak Lyka. You don't know what you are asking for." he said in a strong authoritative voice without turning to look at me.

"I can prove you wrong. All you have to do is give me a chance." I was now in front of him again.

"Go to sle..."

"Why are you always ready to dismiss me each time? Is it because you fear I might beat you in your own game?"

I am literally surprised about my outburst but seeing a reaction out of him satisfied me. I think he is surprised too.

Gabriel clenched his jaw like he was trying to control something. Either I was ticking him off or I was getting to him. I just hoped it was the latter.

"You don't want to go there now Lyka, do you?" he asked in a challenging tone.

He was right about him being better than me but I knew I could learn and be better. I just needed a chance.

"Now why don't you give me a chance, if I don't prove worthy, you are free to withdraw." I suggest anxiously.

The thoughtful look in his eyes made me hopeful. Silence for several seconds increased my anticipation.

"Okay," he sighed defeated.

"I won't let you down." I said in an excited tone.

"One chance Lyka." he threatened seriously.

I know he means his threat but I am sure, I would not blow it.

"Tomorrow morning, at exactly five, in the backyard." he addressed in a hard tone.

"And one last thing, I hate late comers."

Next thing I know is his back at me while he majestically walks further in the long hallway.

Hell yes.

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