Chapter Forty-One: Champion's Loss

Last as long as she could? As Holly awoke those words continued to ring in her head. As much warmth as seeing those ladies caused they were practically useless. What kind of advice was that? At least she was alone for the moment. No one else was in the room with her, though it remained inescapable.

Holly stared at her hands. Should she try to use her power? Reverse this room to a time when there was a way out? Would they be able to feel it if she did that? She winced. What if she only made things worse? But, again, what choice did she have? It was only a matter of time before he came for her answer and she was well aware he would not be impressed by it.

She closed her eyes as she willed herself the strength to do what she must. No matter what happened it was time to fight once more. Her eyes snapped open, and she focused on everything she had. The whiteness n the room flickered as she forced the time back.

"Now, that's an interesting trick."

She jerked as

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Bella Jersey
No not Atropos she can’t die?! How many are we gonna have to say good bye to?!

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