Chapter Forty-Two: Chase Her Down

 Holly's heart pounded in her chest. They had slipped away, but for how long? They couldn't keep this up. She could still see her friend's eyes before that monster had eaten her.  All she wanted to do was throw herself down on the ground and sob. Atropos hadn't deserved that kind of death, no one did.

"I won't let anything happen to you," Angel promised. "Don't worry, okay? I promise. I've always protected you, and I always will." He stared into her eyes and Holly's pulse raced. What was with her that even Angel could bring about that kind of response? But as she looked at him, the way everything about him was self-confident, she believed him.

"Except that time you weren't even here yet," Eros pointed out with a snort. His eyes narrowing at the other in a silent challenge. Holly hid her wince. She didn't need Angel, she had Eros. Eros was the one that was always at her side, always helping her. He had been her protector. There was no need for her to soften up

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Bella Jersey
I wrote as comment this same thing. Holly should be sad as her friend is gonna. But so fall Holly has given Quix and Rudy when they were denied in life. Ruby was given a real friend worthy of her. Quix was given a love he was denied in life. As sad it is to say goodbye. I’m sure they’re thanking her

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