Chapter Forty-Four: Cost of Victory

Holly winced as her eyes met Krim's.  Flashes of what the man had done to her, what he'd subjected her to ricocheted through her brain. "Why are we fighting?" she demanded of Sloth. "We could do this battle all day. This isn't solving anything."

"You're the one seeking to eradicate me and my family," Sloth replied in a hiss. "Why should I ever stop fighting you? You think you're the good guy because you've been told that over and over? What makes it true?"

"Enough," Eros interrupted as he strode toward the other side. Holly watched him go but an ache blossomed in her chest and she reached out to him.

"Shouldn't you be keeping your attention on the fight?" Demanded Krim. "You wouldn't want to lose another reaper, would you?" he questioned as he summoned his own scythe and gestured at Quix. "That one would hurt a lot more than Ruby. You forgot about her so fast."

"I didn't forget!" Holly almost howled the words. "You're wrong!"

Krim threw his he

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