Chapter Forty-Five: Waking Up

 The world shimmered around her like a bright shiny jewel and as she reached out, she realized she was underwater. She yelped as she reached for the surface kicking her legs behind her and froze. That didn't feel right. Holly craned her neck to look behind her. True, she had a lot of important things to worry about like what was going on, where were her loves ones, and where the hell her enemies went.

But this was a bit more important at the moment.

Holly had a tail. A shiny, shimmery, mermaid tail. She flapped it and watched as it flexed back and forth. 

What was going on now? She looked around trying to make sense out of everything but there was nothing around her but coral and fishes that darted about. Could she speak to them? "Hello?" she called.

Mermaid princess she must not be for the animals just swam away from her leaving her all alone. Where was everyone? Was this another trick of Sloth's? But the Sin was nowhere to be seen.


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Bella Jersey
I so did not see this coming. Holly is right she is a slave

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