Atropos landed in the middle of the group hitting the ground with a thump as she rolled to safety. The teenager righted herself and froze. "What?" she demanded as she faced the other two Fates. "Did you bring me back?"

"You were about to die. We couldn't allow that." Clothos responded with a nod of her head.

"Though you deserved to suffer for that," Lachesis added with a sneer. "You've messed up the tapestry. If we hadn't removed you when we did you would have been trapped inside without a chance for escape."

"So you ripped me out?" Atropos rushed to the threads and ran her fingers over them. "Where's Holly?"

"Juniper has started her next life, her next battle. We helped transfer that tangled web over." Clothos' eyes narrowed. "I expect you to be appreciative of all the work we did. We managed to detach the Sin of Sloth from the tangle, and a few of the others but there are too many souls that got reborn with her."

Atropos tugged at the tangl

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Maria Warren
There will be another book after this one called Fate's Pawn: Five Jewels, it picks up from where Holly's story left off. the only book in the series to directly connect the next
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Bella Jersey
Is this really the end to this adventure?
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Bella Jersey
I didn’t like Quix being mean to her. Holly will go back to the beginning with the guys. Who will she fall in love with first in this life?
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