Chapter Six: Choice

"So that's why you'll wait for the other Prince," Eros pointed out. "I'll have you know, ours is infinitely better than yours. You have a cruel master, but ours is capable of kindness."

Quix burst into laughter. "Kindness? None of them are capable of that. They're all selfish and only do or help with things that will benefit them. You're clueless if you truly believe that yours is any different. But I'll let you prove it because there's nothing more that I love when someone is proven wrong. The shock on their faces, it's like a drug."

Ruby rolled her eyes at him. "Lust, while I'm not as fanatic about it as Quix, he has a point. When you've served these masters as long as we have, you realize the truth of them. You know that Death will get her in the end."

Eros laughed now. "Do you think Death is the only one after her?" he challenged.

Krim who had been standing by the side and scowling turned at that. "What do you mean?"

"Just what I said. I heard Dagon myself, all of his brothers are after her, and once he discovers her, so will their father."

A silence settled over the group. It was broken by Holly. "I really hate being talked about like I don't exist. Can you please explain what's going on? The Four Horsemen herald the end of the world, don't they? Why would they want anything to do with me?"

"Your soul," Lachesis answered. "Holly, you're you, but your soul has lived many lifetimes now. It makes you a target to those that devour souls."

Eros turned. "Devour? No, that's not what Dagon wants."

Lachesis shook her head sending her wild curls bouncing around her shoulders. "Doesn't matter if that's what he wants. It's the way of all demons. No matter how advanced they think they are. In the end, they will attempt to consume her soul, they won't be able to resist. Like a predator and prey locked up together. Eventually, nature takes its course."

Eros clenched his fist. "I won't allow that."

Lachesis laughed. "And you're going to fight against all the others? All those that clamber for her? You're a fool."

"You're ignoring me again," Holly growled at the group. "It's all, she, and what's going to happen to her. My name is Holly, I don't care if I have a soul that's lived other lives. All that matters to me is my life."

Ruby crossed her slim arms over her middle. "You can't live a life separated from all of this. It doesn't matter what you want, Holly. You can curse your fate, you can be angry, but none of that will change how things are. The facts remain. Because of what your soul has done before, you are wanted."

"None of that has to do with me," Holly argued. "I just want to go home."

Krim chuckled. "Spoken like a true coward. We're supposed to see your good points? All I see is someone that does whatever they want, and to hell with everyone else."

"Krim, be quiet," Ruby demanded with a handheld up. "Holly, if you really want your normal life back so much, why do you cling to something that has nothing to do with it?" she tilted her head toward Eros. "He was never part of those memories."

"He's my friend," Holly defended. "Even if he wasn't originally part of my life, he is now. Of course, I'm upset that he never revealed the truth to me. But all he's done since he's been with me is try to take care of me. He's tried to save me from you."

"For his own ends," Lachesis piped up. "He will devour your soul if you stay with him for too long."

"Never," Eros argued. "I'd never hurt her."

"I believe you, Eros," Holly interrupted. "I do. I'm not even mad at you about this. I'm just disappointed that you didn't think you could trust me with the true you. I don't believe them when they say you'll devour me one day. You've been my friend and my partner. I trust you more than anyone else in this world."

Eros's eyes misted over and he wiped them away. "Holly, thank you. I'm sorry I didn't trust you. I promise I'll never make that mistake again."

Krim laughed again. "See? He's already planning for the next life when you're already long gone, it's only the soul he cares about. The shell could mean less to him."

"That's not true!" Eros's fire flared around him but with effort he forced it away and let his weapons fade. "That's not true," he repeated again. 

"Holly, I love your soul, and I care about you. I've been with you this long, and I plan to be with you for this entire adventure, no matter what you choose. I don't love you yet, but I know I will fall in love with you regardless."

Lachesis sighed. "Are we done with this standoff yet? I still need to help Holly find her magical powers."

"What if I don't want to?" Holly demanded. "What if I just want to live my boring ordinary life here and don't want to get involved in all this crap you guys are spewing?" She turned toward Eros then. "Would you still stay by my side then?"

"Without regret." Eros smiled at her. "As you said, we're partners. Not romantically, at least not yet, but partners none the less. And I'm not going to abandon my partner."

"What smooth words for a sin," Quix had pulled out a notepad from seemingly nowhere and was scratching down Eros's words and actions. "Guess I'll learn some tricks while hanging out with you, I might get Ruby yet."

"No," Ruby replied. 

"Come on, Holly," Lachesis ordered with a smile. "Now that this is all settled, let's get back to your training. You can say you don't want to, and you want to reject it all you want, but I know you. One of those things that doesn't change about your soul no matter what life you're in, you never give up if it means others are going to get hurt."

Holly sighed. She wanted to argue that point, but even she knew the truth of the matter. Eros gave her another small smile and a nod and she smiled back at him. 

Who would have thought that her pet could turn into such a handsome form? Or would that be, this handsome man was able to turn into such a cute pet form?

"Eros, I'm depending on you to make sure that these guys don't betray us. I'll continue to train with Lachesis."

"You think we're going to just let you walk away from us? No, you can train in front of us. Who knows, maybe one of us can help you with your magic." Krim announced with a smirk.

Holly glanced over at Lachesis. "Should I?" 

Lachesis shrugged. "It doesn't matter to me." She was biting one of her perfect nails as she studied the group before nodding. "Sure, the more the merrier. I guess that means we don't even need to leave. So we've tried elemental magic, and we've tried power transference."

"That's all you've managed?" Ruby questioned with a raised brow. 

"We spent a lot of time on elemental." Lachesis defended.

Ruby walked forward and as she did so her black reaper robes faded away revealing a woman in dark red jeans and a black tank top. "Here, let me give it a try," she offered.

Eros snorted. "Why would we trust you?"

"It's not your decision," Ruby replied with a smile. She held a hand out to Holly. "You, you want to prove yourself? Let me help you. I'll see if you have any magic inside of you to start. All you have to do is trust me."

"No," Eros answered.

"That's not smart," Lachesis argued.

"Yes," Holly said.

Ruby smirked and taking Holly's hand in hers she led her a bit away from the others and to a chair. "Sit, and we'll get started. There's no point in continuing to search for magic inside of you if you're not capable of it."

Holly didn't hesitate. If these reapers did attack her, she had every faith that her friends would protect her. Besides, there was something mysterious about this woman. She took her seat.

"Good, now close your eyes and don't move. This could be uncomfortable, but endure it."

Holly didn't question her and closed her eyes. Ruby walked behind the chair and put her hands on Holly's shoulder. 

As Eros, Lachesis, and the other two reapers watched, a dark red fog appeared out of nowhere and hid the two from sight.

Eros moved forward to go to Holly's side, but the mist shoved him back as strong as a wall. 

Holly was trapped on the other side, in the grip of one of those that had chased her for so long. Eros couldn't break through to her side.

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