Chapter Seven: Ruby

Holly tensed as the fog completely covered the two of them and all contact from the others was halted. 

"Relax," Ruby ordered her fingers moving in small circular patterns on Holly's shoulders. "Just relax."

"But, the others," Holly whispered. 

"Not important right now, I need to focus on you and see if you have magic inside, and for that, you're going to have to relax and trust me."

"You were chasing me not that long ago, trusting you isn't that easy," Holly replied.

Holly could feel the other woman shrug. "You either do it and let me see if there's any merit to this little adventure of yours, or you don't, and I refuse to help you."

Holly closed her eyes. There was no point in worrying now. She was alone with this reaper. If the woman wanted to kill her, she would find it easy, to begin with. "I trust you."

Ruby's movements stilled. "There."

"There?" Holly repeated. "You found magic?"

"Yes, it's not a type of magic I'm familiar with, but you do have magic inside of you." She let go of Holly and walked around until she was in front of her. "This magic is unlike any I've touched. I very much want to know what it is. It's not elemental, and it's not a matter of giving or taking from someone, so let's start investigating."

"Shouldn't we let the others back in?" Holly asked as she glanced at the barrier. 

Ruby frowned. "No, there's no point in bringing them into this right now. I don't need to deal with Quix chasing after me like an infernal puppy.  We can just have some girl time."

Holly shifted in place. "My memories are hazy, but I don't think I had many girlfriends. The ones I did have tended to betray me."

Ruby nodded. "That makes sense. Females are pretty horrid to each other. It's rare they get along."

"It doesn't have to be that way," Holly argued. "They don't always have to be enemies."

Ruby snorted. "Women always tend to fight over men."

Holly laughed. "Well, you don't have to worry on that front. I'm not interested in anyone."

Ruby's eyes widened. "Why would you bring that up? I was talking about in general."

Holly smiled. "Well, since we're on the same side right now, maybe we can be friends? I've always wanted to have a female one."

Ruby took a step back. "Are you trying to trick me?" Her eyes narrowed. "I won't be fooled. I've been around a long time, I might look young, but I assure you, I am not."

Holly shook her head. "I don't understand why you're reacting that way. Hasn't anyone tried to be friends with you before, Ruby?"

"I am one that delivers death, why would they wish to befriend me? Besides trying to sway my judgment that is."

Holly frowned. "Then let me be your friend. You're already waving the whole taking me to Death thing, so you know it's not because of that. We can try it right?"

Ruby frowned and took another step back almost backing into her own smoke. "You want to be friends me with?" she shook her head. "This could very much be a mistake."

"Let's just try it," Holly repeated. "If it doesn't work out we don't have to be."

"If I find out you're tricking me, I want you to swear that I can take you to Death at that very moment," Ruby demanded.

Holly didn't hesitate. "Deal." She held out her hand. "Let's shake on it."

Ruby stared at the offered hand. "I don't touch humans unless it's to take them away."

"You're touching a friend," Holly grabbed the reaper's hand and shook it herself. "It's nice to meet you, Ruby." 

Ruby's attention was drawn to their joined hands. "You're serious about this thing? This friendship?" Holly nodded. "Humans are such strange creatures. Very well, Holly Knight, I will be your friend."

"You don't have to call me by my entire name all the time. It's fine to just call me Holly."

"I fear we are getting distracted from the matter at hand. Have you tried materialization magic?"

"What does that even mean?" Holly questioned. 

"You make something appear that wasn't there before. I suppose if you'd like to call it something more ordinary, you could refer to it as creation magic."

Holly flipped her hands back and forth as she stared at them. "Do you really think I could do something like that?"

"It is entirely possible if that is where your magic power lies. There are a great many fields. Without some hint, we will have to comb through them." Ruby frowned in thought. "I wonder how that companion of yours was able to discover your talents so easily in past lives. I do not have access to that information."

"How do I even try this?" Holly questioned.

"Ah, I got distracted. I apologize." Ruby coughed. "Let us try something simple. If you can not manage this, I am going to assume that your talent does not lie in materialization. Think about a single sheet of paper. It does not matter what size or what is imprinted upon it. I just need you to think about a plain sheet of paper."

Holly stared at the table beside her as she clenched her eyes shut.

"What are you doing?" Ruby demanded.

Holly didn't bother opening her eyes as she focused. "Visualizing a piece of paper."

"But why are you doing it with your eyes closed? If this is your field it is not necessary. You're not getting in touch with anything, and a piece of paper should not be something you have to put that much effort into."

Holly opened her eyes and stared hard at the table as she imagined a sheet of paper upon its surface.

"Then this is not your talent," Ruby observed with a nod. "At least we know that."

"I barely gave it a try?" Holly defended. What was going on? When Lachesis had tried to get her to use elemental magic they had spent forever on try after try. Why was Ruby satisfied with a mere minute attempt?

"Holly, do you realize just how many different branches of magic exist in the world?"

Holly shook her head. "Considering I didn't believe in magic until all of this? Not a clue. I assume there's the elemental magic and I guess this creation magic and transference? I think that's what Lachesis called it."

"Yes, there is all those but there is a lot more as well. There is healing magic, magic that can only be used when pushed into another individual, magic that replicates, magic that possesses, magic that summons, time magic, holy magic, dark magic, mind manipulation magic, and the list can go on. We are always discovering new branches of magic as well. My point is that if we sit here and waste too much time with a branch of magic that is not suitable for you, we will never find your magic."

Holly put a hand over her chest. "Never find it?"

"That is correct. I know it's there." She nodded to her own words. "However, finding out what it is, and then teaching you how to use it will be an entirely different feat in of itself. I wonder why the mentor that has always been reborn with your soul is not present. It's quite odd. We were prepared to deal with him, not that Sin."

"Eros is my friend, I don't understand this sin stuff you guys keep saying, but it doesn't change the fact that he's my friend, and I trust him."

"You would be wise to not trust others just because they claim to be an ally, or they appear to be helping you. You will suffer far less with that outlook."

Holly chuckled. "Isn't that something I don't even need to worry about since you're taking me to Death anyway?"

Ruby sighed. "I find myself in more of a judgment position now than that of an executioner. As such, I will judge you. I will observe your decisions and your movements, and I will make a judgment on them when the time comes. I should warn you, Holly. This friend thing you are requesting of me might be your greatest mistake yet."

Holly shrugged. "Then so be it, I'd rather trust in someone and be proven wrong then be too worried to give them a chance, to begin with. Besides, Ruby, I don't think you're as against this idea of friendship as you claim."

Ruby snorted. "Why do you suggest that?"

"You're trying to help me, and you're even warning me." Holly grinned. "I think you're already starting to like me if even just a little."

"That's ridiculous," Ruby whispered. "I am helping you because I am curious about this magic of yours."

Holly smirked. "And the warning?" she challenged.

Ruby looked away before looking back with a sparkle in her eye. "That's merely because I do not want my lab experiment taken so quickly from me."

Holly giggled. "Whatever you say, Ruby. But I still think you're starting to like me. Eros is going to be jealous when he finds out I have another friend."

"He's a Sin, he's incapable of any positive feelings," Ruby replied.

Holly's smile faded. "Ruby, I do want to be friends with you. I think we could be really good friends. But there's something you need to know. I won't betray my friends. I won't let you say anything negative about Eros without evidence. I trust him with my life."

Ruby nodded. "Very well, but, Holly, you might end up dying with that regret."

Holly shrugged. "Then so be it."

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