Chapter Nine: Quix

"How are we going to figure out what magic she has anyway?" Quix questioned as he walked around Holly. "It could take forever if we try it one thing at a time. Besides, I'm sure that not one person knows all the branches of magic here. Even if all of us worked together, we might not cover them all."

Eros sighed. "I don't understand how Angel figured it out so easily. He should have shown up by now, or at least Tydeus." He stopped then turned on his heel. "Wait, Holly, didn't you mention something about Tydeus? While we were arguing."

"Yes, he visited me in my dreams," Holly responded. "He insisted on calling me Juniper too. It was him, and I think the other guy called himself Dagon."

"Dagon again?" Eros sighed. "I guess that's to be expected."

"Holly, you can't listen to that one," Lachesis interrupted. "Dagon is especially dangerous. Please, don't listen to him. Not without someone at your side."

"Just another person that cares about this grand destiny of mine," Holly spat out. "But that doesn't matter. He didn't say anything about my magic." 

It still blew her mind that she actually had magic inside. That didn't seem right at all. She was just an ordinary woman, none of this world made sense anymore. But here she was hanging out with a Sin that used to be her pet, a Fate of all things, grim reapers. Yeah, her life was messed up now.

"Here, let me try." 

Holly heard the rumble of the voice but she wasn't sure who it was. Not until they crouched in front of her and stared into her eyes.

Krim? She bit back a startled yelp. Why in the world was he wanting to help? He was far from the friendliest of the reapers.

He smirked. "Figures you'd tense up like that when I got close. You spout all this friendship garbage and you freak out over someone like me. Anyway, let's see if you have any necromancy skills. Take my palm."

"Do I have to?" Holly questioned. 

His hand looked innocent enough. He had long lean fingers that sent a shiver through her. Would he turn into a skeleton or something if she touched him? Is that what he meant by necromancy. 

"Stop being scared, just take my hand," Krim rolled his eyes with a huff.

Holly took a deep breath and then placed her hand in his. He was ice-cold. It was every bit as unpleasant as she had dreaded, but she didn't drop her hold. "Now what?"

"This one you don't have to do anything. Just let me investigate you."

"Investigate?" Holly frowned. "I don't like that word."

Krim ignored her as he put his other hand on top of hers and looked deep into her eyes. Holly fought the urge to look away. Her entire body demanded she get away from this creepy man How could someone that looked so delicate and pure, make her so afraid? Her skin crawled as those baby blues met hers. 

Without speaking, he moved closer until his face was close to hers. Holly swallowed. Was this guy about to kiss her in front of everyone else? That couldn't be possible. Why in the world would he try that? She shuddered but stayed still as his lips pressed together.

"I'm not sure what it is, but it's nothing to do with necromancy. No summoning the dead for this one." He dropped her hand and Holly was able to breathe again as her cheeks burned.

Krim raised a brow. "Why are you red?"

Quix laughed. "Maybe I have a chance for some amusement while I wait for Ruby to realize the benefits that I provide."

"I would not be interested in you even if you were flawless, Quix," Ruby sighed. "Please do not give Holly a hard time. If I believe that you are trying to annoy her as half as much as you annoy me, there will be punishment."

Quix shivered. "I love a good punishment, I'll take anything you dish out, Rubes."

"My name is Ruby, but you can just refer to me as boss."

Krim left her alone and Holly returned back to normal. His eyes were far more intense than she had imagined when he was right in front of her like that. She kept an eye on Quix as he approached her with a swagger, his braid swinging behind him almost like a tail as he approached. "Let's see if I can detect anything. I am the most sensitive of the group."

Krim snorted as he took a seat. "Prey, you should be careful of that one. He has been a pain for us as long as he's been around. However, if you'd like to shut him down some more, I'm all for that."

Quix rolled his eyes. "Ignore him. Now, let me see your hand now."

Holly put her palm in his. Unlike Krim instead of ice there was a warmth to Quix's touch. He enfolded her hand in his and tugged her closer until she bumped into his chest. "What was that for?" Holly demanded as she snatched her hand away.

Quix grinned. "I wanted to see you turn red again. That part is fun. Ruby never turns colors. She's an amazing woman capable of so much, but she never blushes like this."

Eros growled in the back of his throat, which sounded odd considering he was no longer in his animal form. "Back off."

Quix raised a brow. "Showing your true colors now? Going to reveal your little secret, kitty-boy?"

"What's he talking about?" Holly questioned as she took a few steps away from the smirking Quix. The way Eros was glancing away made her gut clench. What was he hiding?

"I don't want you to think this doesn't mean I don't care about you, Holly," Eros whispered. "But I loved Acacia. The last life you led, I loved her. I wanted to protect her and be there for her. I wanted to make sure that everything she went through wasn't in vain."

Holly's smile faded. "You were helping me, you were my friend, because of that? Because just like Lachesis, you want to make sure I'm the good little soldier that does as she's told?"

"Holly, no, it's not like that," Eros approached her with hands held up. "Please, listen."

Holly shook her head as tears blurred her vision. "No," she whispered as she turned and ran. She pushed her way past the reapers and ran out of the room. Rats scurried in front of her, but she didn't care, she kept running until her lungs threatened to burst. She didn't even bother looking back as she zipped through door after door, going up as many stairs as she could.

She slammed a door open and stumbled out of the stairwell before leaning against it as she struggled to breathe. Why did it shock her so much? Why was she so upset? It should have been obvious that Eros was here because of her past. She was stupid for believing otherwise.

"You don't have much stamina, huh?" Quix was crouched in front of her a smile on his lips. "You should feel honored, I left Ruby's site to check on you."

"How did you get in front of me?" Holly tipped her head back and looked at the door. "I don't understand."

Quix winked. "That would be my special skill, angel."

"Angel?" Holly snorted. "I am not an angel."

Quix shrugged. "You're cute enough to be one. Besides, it really has been a long time since anyone has blushed around me. I want you to do that for me. I want the blood to heat up your cheeks and your heart to accelerate." He leaned closer a wicked smile on his lips. "You'll give that to me, right?" he whispered.

Holly turned her head and Quix laughed. "What's so funny? And what skill did you use? Why can't you people just leave me alone? I just want to go home."


"Huh?" Holly frowned. "Isn't that like science fiction, why would it be a magical power?"

"I'm sure Rubes told you that there's a lot of different magic out there. You're a very tiny piece of a giant pie. I can teleport anywhere I want."

"Then why didn't you stop me before?" Holly shook her head. "I don't understand. If you had that kind of power, why didn't you use it against me?"

Quix shrugged. "Because I was enjoying the time with Ruby." He smiled, the look lessening the predatory expression that had darkened his face earlier. "Besides, I would have been going solo. The others can't teleport, and I can't teleport with them."

Holly forgot her fear. "You can really teleport anywhere? There are no limits to power like that?"

"It's a solo gig, and anywhere within a certain radius of me.  It's just a couple of miles, but as you know, you've never been but a few miles ahead of us at all times anyway. You never really got far each day. Next time you try to run for your life, might I suggest you sleep less?"

Holly glared at him. "I didn't sleep that much to begin with."

Quix's ever-present smile wavered. "Then why couldn't you get farther ahead of us?"

"Food," Holly responded. "I guess it's something you guys don't have to worry about, but a human-like me needs to stop and eat. I need energy to keep running."

Quix nodded as if she had said wise words. "That makes perfect sense. I didn't even think about that. I forgot that's what you people do with your mouths, you don't get to just use them for fun." his smirk was back. "Do you want to try to teleport?"

"You just said it's a solitary thing," Holly pointed out. She didn't like that Quix hadn't given her much room at all. The man was close enough that if he wanted to assault her, he could with ease.

"I don't mean using my power, I mean trying to see if that's your power." He put a hand on her chest and Holly tensed. "Calm down, I'm not trying anything fun yet. I haven't given up on Rubes after all." He paused as her cheeks burned once more. "I'm really getting addicted to that look though."

Holly swallowed as he leaned closer. "What are you doing?" she whispered.

His forehead was brushing hers now, his nose pressed against hers. His lips so close she could feel their warmth. "Enjoying the show," he whispered as Holly's cheeks blazed.

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