"Ciao Italia!" Scar exclaims as the automatic doors to leave the airport open. Rose is wide awake now, after eating two snickers and chugging a can and a half of soda, and is squealing as she holds on to Scar's hand. "They aren't ready for two hot American women and a charming little girl!"

"You aren't allowed to drink that much wine ever again," I groan as I pick up Rose, "don't just let go of your bags, you don't know if someone would try to steal them."

"Shut up!" Scar rolls her eyes as she gets us a taxi. We get into the taxi and Scarlett attempts to speak Italian."

"I speak english ma'am," the driver says in a thick accent, "to the Rosi Hotel in Vieste?"

"Yep," I tell him as I buckle in Rose, in between Scarlett and I, "don't touch anything." Rose pulls her hands away from the back of the seats in front of us and looks over at Scarlett. Scarlett gives Rose her phone so she can play her games. She really likes this alphabet game that changes the letters to look like the word it gives. I'm not sure how to explain it, it's really weird, yet it taught her the ABC's.


"Here you go," the taxi driver says as he pulls up to the hotel. Scarlett gives him the money as I get out with Rose and start to pull our luggage out of the trunk. We get all the bags inside and I wait with Rose as Scarlett checks us into our rooms.

When Scarlett finishes we head to the elevator and go up to the fourth floor - there are fifteen floors - to our room, which happens to be at the very end of the hall. Scarlett practically pushes the door off its hinges when the door unlocks. Her bags are thrown everywhere and she runs to the large window.

"This view is amazing Dani!" Scarlett says in awe. "Look at the sunset! The water too! This place is literally perfect!"

"Da water is puwple Momma," Rose says as she puts her hand on the windowsill.

"Isn't it pretty?" I whisper as I squat down next to her.

"Ya!" Rose smiles and glances at me for a moment before looking outside again.

"Let's get to bed, okay?" I say after she looked outside for a few minutes, "Aunt Scar has a fun day planned tomorrow. The sooner you go to sleep, the sooner the fun will come."

"Come on momma! Sweep!" Rose smiles in delight once I tell her that we are going to have fun tomorrow.

"We have to change first baby," I chuckle as Rose jumps up onto the bed and starts to pull the blankets. "Get over here Rosetta," I say and she goes right under the blankets and giggles. "If you aren't over here by my count of three than we aren't having fun tomorrow. We'll stay in the room all day. One...two...thr-

"Before I finish saying "three" Rose jumps off the bed and runs over to me. She smiles innocently as I open up her suitcase. I pull out green Tinker Bell pajama and lay them next to me as I zip the suitcase closed. I take off her shirt and jeans before I put on her pajamas. Once she's dressed I tell her to go to the bathroom and I'd be right there. My carry on had our toothbrushes, toothpaste, hair brush, hair ties, shampoo and so on.

When I get to the bathroom Rose is on the toilet and I chuckle when she jumps off and pulls her pajama pants back up. She flushed the toilet before turning back to me. I pull out our toothbrushes and toothpaste.

"No stool momma," Rose says as she stands in front of the sink with her toothbrush in her hand.

"Come here," I says and pick her up. I set her on the sink top, on the other side of my bag. We brush our teeth, than I take the hair brush and wrap Rose's little curls up into a bun. I do the same with my hair, and than we go back into the room. "Okay bed time Rose."

"Night momma, night Aunty," Rose says as she tucks herself in. I get in bed with her and turn the lamp off that's by my side.

"Goodnight baby girl. I love you," I whisper when I realize Scarlett is already asleep.

"Love you too momma," Rose whispers back. I kiss her forehead before I try to go to sleep myself.


"Wake up!" I hear someone scream. I groan as I bury my face into my pillow and shove my hand in the person's face. "Dani let's go! I already gave Rosey her bath." I turn my head away from my pillow and see Scar's face right above mine.

"I need you out of my face so I can get up," I yawn. Scar listens and gets out of my face, giving me the space to sit up and stretch. I grab clothes for today before I head to the bathroom to shower. After I shower I quickly dry off and get dressed. It's the perfect weather in Italy this summer, so I decided to wear black high waisted shorts and a lavender t-shirt that's tucked in. I quickly braid my hair before I go back in the room and slip on my white adidas.

"Hungy!" Rose screams as I grab my purse.

"Patience," I reply as I notice I didn't put makeup on. I go back to the bathroom and apply mascara and a pink lip gloss, seeing as we are already late, and meet Scar and Rose at the door. "Okay, lets go."

"About time," Scar mumbles before she opens the door and leads us to the elevator. "Now there is a restaurant down the road. It apparently serves the best breakfast in Italy."

"Pancakes?" Rose asks and Scar nods with a smile, "Let's go!"

Rose attempts to drag Scar and I through the lobby. She fails miserably and Scar picks her up. We walk along the crowded sidewalk, only for a couple blocks, before we arrive at the restaurant called Oceanside.

It's beautiful inside. The large French doors are open to give you a perfect view of the beach, most of the light is from the sun. The seats are brown and the tables are a black wood. It's not too busy, seeing that it's only seven, and it's very open.

"How many?" A host asks when he notices us checking out the place.

"Just three," I smile.

"Oh and we need a seggiolino!" Scar says with a bright smile.

"A what?" I ask as I turn to my friend.

"A booster seat miss," the host answers, "I'll bring you to your table and then get the booster seat."

"Perfect, thank you," I reply as he leads us to a table right next to the doors that are opened up to the beach.

"His accent is thick," Scar tells me after he drops off the booster seat, "I can hardly tell what he is saying."

"It's not that bad," I roll my eyes as I push in Rose's chair, "besides what did you expect? Every Italian person to speak perfect English with an American accent?"

"Shut up Dani," Scar rolls her eyes at me this time before she picks up the menu, "I don't know what to get, the whole menu is in Italian! My Italian isn't that good."

"Flip to the back," I tell her. She does what I say and then blushes, "now that you can read the menu, I was thinking about the breakfast bread bowl. What about you?"

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