Danielle's POV:

"I think Rose is getting tired," Scar says, right before she yawns.

"I think it's the both of you," I chuckle. I wrap a pink towel around Rose, "swimming wears you two out fast." Rose nods as she snuggles into my chest, "I have to dry off too baby. How about you and Aunt Scar go up to the room. Momma wants to relax on the beach for a little."

"Night momma," Rose yawns as Scar picks her up, "love you."

"Love you too baby girl," I smile and she lays her head on Scar's shoulder, "I'll be back later Scar."

"See ya Dani," Scar nods and makes her way back to the hotel.

I lay back on my towel and enjoy the sun set. There's only a few people left on the beach but they are all getting ready to leave. The sky is turning a dark blue from the orange shade from the sun. The sunsets in Italy are ten times better than the ones in Florida. There is no competition.

I doze off for a little and when I wake up I hear a loud bang. My heart stops for a moment when I realize it was a gun shot. I stand up and look down the beach to see a small port with a bunch of people standing on it. I quickly wrap up my towel and shove it in my bag, along with my phone and purse. My sandals are sitting right next to where the towel was so I slip those on and put on my mint green cover up as I'm walking.

Most people would be running away from a situation where you suspect a gun, I wish I was like that, but I'm too curious. It's probably going to get me killed but I can't help it. I want to know ever little thing of something that isn't normal.

As I get closer to the dock I notice a few men laying on the ground while the rest have guns pointing at the opposing side. I gasp in shock as the person standing on my right pulls the trigger and the last one on the left falls. I muffle a scream into my arm before I turn to run away.

"Hey boss! There's a girl!" I hear someone yell. My heart stops and my body stops functioning. You've got to be kidding me. My feet try to move but it's as if they are cemented down. Tears start to fall from my eyes when I hear the footsteps getting closer.

"Turn," a deep voice says. My body isn't willing to do what my brain wants it to do. My breathing becomes uneven and more tears fall. Why am I such a curious person. The whole thing about curiosity killing me early was meant to be a joke.

"Turn around bella," a different voice says. My body seems to listen to my brain when I hear the gun cock back. "There you go, now what's your name?" The man steps closer to me, I can't see his face because it's dark out and there are no lights around.

"Elle Senoj," I reply quickly. It was the first fake name I could think of and it's taken from my real name, I'm so stupid!

"Elle," The man says, "you are coming with us."

"No please! I'm not even from here! I don't know your names or what you look like!" I try to bargain, "just let me leave and I won't speak anything of this!"

"Too late bella," The man chuckles, almost like a villain would in a movie, "now you can help us out or we can drag you out. You're choice."

"M-my family! You ha-have to let me g-go!" I stutter as I try to stop the tears from falling, "I beg of you."

"Curiosity killed the cat," The man teases as he traces my cheek with his hand.

"Please, please just let me leave," I beg as I grip my sleeves to stop my hands from shaking, "I won't say a word! I swear!"

"No," the man replies, before barking an order in Italian to the man next to him, "you, bella, are coming with me."

"No please!" I try to beg once more, my voices shaking.

"Amico, get her in the car," the man demands. I go to scream, hopefully to get someone's attention, but a hand is slapped over my mouth. An arm comes around my waist, locking my arms at my side, and dragging me off the road.

Another man ties a blindfold over my ears and I hear a car door open. All around me people are speaking in Italian and I'm trying not to have a panic attack. My body jerks forwards and lands on leather as I'm pushed into the car. A guy grabs my shoulders and forces me to sit up. My head hits the back of the seat and I groan in pain.

"Alright we don't use names in front of captures," one guys says. It's the guy who has been talking to me the whole time.

"What do I call you then?" another asks, his voice isn't as deep and rough, "fratello?"

"That's fine," The man replies, "now put your headphones in and shut up." I gulp at the sternness in his voice. My hands start to shake, it's only then do I realize there is rope tying my wrists together. I pull my hands a little but realize it's useless, I'm never getting out.


"Wake up," a tough voice says as he shakes my arms. My body jerks up right and I realize I can't see. I try to move but my hands and ankles are tied to a chair.

"Remove the blindfold," The man I recognize from earlier says. The blindfold is then yanked from my eyes, the guy pulling a few strands of my hair out in the process. "Open your eyes bella," the voice says and I slowly open my eyes but I keep my head down. "Look at me!" My eyes look right at him, scared of what will happen if I don't listen.

"Please let me go," I beg and feel my eyes start to water.

"Leave," he tells the other man. I hear the door slam shut as the man brings a chair close to mine. "What was a girl like you, doing near a fight? Are you that stupid?" He pats my cheek and chuckles, "seems all pretty faces are. Now, why were you watching us?"

"I was just down the beach and heard a gun!" I tell him. "I was going to make sure everything was okay! I swear I'm not going to tell anybody. Just let me leave. Please!"

"No can do bella," he says and puts his hand under my chin. "You've seen too much. You are to stay here and work for me."

"I can't! I have a family, a daughter!" I cry, "I can't leave my daughter alone!"

"She has a Dad that can look after her I'm sure. Better than a foolish mother like yourself," The man laughs. "You are staying here and working. Consequences of your actions."

"Let me at least be with my daughter!" I beg as my vision goes blurry from the tears.

"I don't think you understand what you just involved yourself in bellissimo," he says and forces my head up to look at him. "Now you are going to be here for the rest of your miserable life. No more getting what you want. You follow my orders now! My men will bring your uniform down shortly. The other maids will train you." He gets up out of his chair and goes towards the door.

"I'll make a deal!" I try to bargain with him once more. He stops a few feet from the door and turns to look at me. "Let me finish my vacation with my friend. We are here for six more days. At the end of the week I'll tell my friend that I love it too much here and I don't want to leave. I'll tell her I found a cheap apartment to start off and she can do what she wants with my apartment back home! Let my daughter stay with me and I'll do whatever you what, anything at all, please!"

"Anything?" He asks with an evil smirk. I'll regret my response later, I'm sure.

"Anything," I confirm. His smirk grows and he walks back over to me.

"You have a deal Elle," he tells me, squaring down in front of my chair, "you will regret this though." He chuckles once more before he stands up and leaves me alone in this room.

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she has a child no mother would actually do that ...
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Olabisi Margaret A
how can Dani be that stupid ☹☹☹ hearing a gunshot anyone with common sense will run tankless a Mother

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