I jump out of my bed, grabbing the gun out from under my bed and run downstairs. I get to the living room to see my parents and siblings sitting on the couches. Are you fucking kidding me? I glare at my family and toss my gun at my dad.

"I'm going back to bed," I say to them before I turn to head upstairs.

"Figlio," My dad says and I look over my shoulder, "sit down. We have to discuss something.

"I see Stefano trying to hold back a laugh as I go back to the seat after standing there for a minute, "what's so important?"

"Me," Aurora smirks and flips her hair over her shoulder. She's in a much better mood than last night.

"It's about the dealers you dealt with the other night," Stefano says, signs of laughter gone from his face.

"They weren't a big group," I shrug my shoulders, "killed half their men."

"Exactly, half," dad states. "Now Stefano please share the news of your brothers newest 'maid.'"

"That Elle chick?" I ask, making Stef nod. "What's she got to do with a
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Michelle D
I wish the translation were at the beginning of each chapters to understand the flow of the conversation better

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