I look at her in shock as she goes down to her knees in front of me. Before I can say anything she wraps her small hand around the base of my dick and moves it upwards slowly. My head falls back and my mouth forms an "o".  Her hand continues to move against my dick slowly while gripping it tightly. "Scopami," I moan and her hand grips me harder. I lean against the sink and she continues her slow movements.

Then I feel her mouth on the tip of my member. I look down and her eyes are looking up at me. I groan as she hollows her cheeks and sucks the tip. She starts to bob her head and my hand finds it way into her hair. She picks up her speed but it isn't enough for me. I bring her head back slightly by pulling her hair before I slam myself into her mouth. She moans around my dick, the vibrations of the moan cause my dick to twitch again. I guide her while she sucks my dick to go faster. She complies and soon does so without me moving her head.

After a couple

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