2 years later...

"It's your turn," I groan as I roll over in bed. Nic groans in reply and pushes me lightly. "Nic seriously. Get your ass up."

"I've gotten him the last two times! I have to travel to Spain in a few hours," he tries to argue but I don't budge.

"Go across the damn hall and quiet him down," I state firmly. "I didn't have your help the past few nights cause you've been off in Sicily. Now it's your turn. I have not slept in days."

"Way to play the guilt card," he scoffs and gets out of bed. I smirk to myself as I snuggle closer in the blankets.

After ten or so minutes the noise doesn't quiet down so I head to the room across the hall. When I open the door and chuckle. Nic is laying back in the rocking chair asleep , with little Cristiano curled up against his chest. I walk over to the two boys and pick up Cristiano carefully. Nic's arms fall to the arm rests and he stays asleep.

"My poor Cristiano," I smile as I

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I really enjoyed this story. ☺
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Shay Middleton
this ending is waiting for a sequel, please
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Divya Singh
is this story complete??

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