65 - Truth Unveils


"We need to leave today, Alex. Have you packed yet? Or you need any help?" She said swaying her arms around, pretending to ignore the lines on his forehead.

"How dare you?" Alexander barked at her before she could draw in a single breath.

Raven stared into his eyes, her brows raised in confusion. "Is everything okay?"

His jaws clenched together tighthly, making her frown. What had made him this angry in the morning?

"How dare you betray me?" He shouted at her with a voice that made her flinch. "I raised you like my own daughter, took you in when the people who you shared blood with cursed and kicked you out and this is how you repay me?"

"I don't know what you mean?" She raised her head but even she could not miss the uncertainty in her own voice.

"Claudia, Nigel, Ben, Will. Is that enough or do I need to elaborate?" The vein of his temple seemed ready to burst any second. But all she really cared about at that moment was how

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