Even ten days after the massacre at the Black Hall, not a single soul involved that day could stop thinking about how all of it could've been prevented if only a few trustful, true words had been exchanged. The effect was seen on each one. Many lost their lives and many others people who they cared about.

The signs of recovery however were blooming all around. People were forgiven for their bad deeds out of the kindness of the hearts of those who had been at the suffering end.

Surprising to Josh, Eira had been strangely calm about having Raven in the mansion. The latter refused to return to the Black Hall and although she denied it, the warlock knew, deep inside she was mourning for Alexander.

Nate—another surprise to him—had been chosen to represent the vampires in the supernatural coucil. The bloodsuckers had been oddly agreeable and united about peace—again another surprise for the warlock.

"Are you giving up already?" Josh asked when he saw Eira lazily throw the herbs in
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