Together, We Conquer
Together, We Conquer
Author: Nathan Frost


The foliage that encircled each houses was incredibly made with natural beauty and also the sun was shining its warm, bright rays welcoming the beginning of the recent season. Today is the initial day of summer vacation. Most of the families have already packed their baggage as they are excited to go on a trip while others were strictly maximizing and enjoying their day without work.

“Hey! Look at those birds. I believed you must know that those types particularly don’t lie traveling alone.” Ken Robinson excitedly said, as he continues to tap on the glass window to let his son see what he was talking about.

“That’s amazing daddy, however it’s time for you to take your medication now, therefore may you please go up here for a moment?” Krist asked his father more of in a very begging tone since this maybe the fifth time he has tried to urge his father to take his daily medication, just today.

“I don’t want them!” He shouted flopping one amongst his arms up and down making an attempt to wave his own son off from him. “I took them already.”

“Dad, you must take one every day remember? That was yesterday you’re talking about.” Krist’s father has been suffering from Alzheimer's disease. With every passing day, he forgets one thing new. It’s been bit by bit getting worse.

“Was that yesterday?”

“Now come back on, it’s just one pill. Yes, dad it was yesterday.” Ken finally gave up and turned away from the window to move his gaze towards his son. For Krist, his father’s expression was unclear. However, he still slowly walked up to him with the pill in one hand and a glass of water in the other.

“You look familiar, wait…” he immediately stopped walking once his father eyed him confusingly.  “Have we tended to meet before?”

A pang of hurt flashed right across Krist’s chest. He keeps on telling himself that he out to be used to this line questioning by now, nonetheless, the pain feels identical. “I’m your son, Krist remember?” It’s truly exhausting to love somebody who has trouble remember who you are, particularly once it’s a loved one, right?

After hearing what his son’s said, Ken’s eyes came back to its usual expression, and he arced his lips to reveal a warm smile that he perpetually shows. “Oh, of course I do know that silly.” He clapped his hands thrice and chuckled. “Do you actually think that I’ll forget who you are?”

For Krist to keep from falling apart, he bit down on his bottom lip forcefully. Conversations like this sadly became an each day occurrence, but also seems to be usual now. “Here,” he passed over the medication and glassed of water to Ken who finally took it without hesitation and questioning him or going on regarding another topic.

It all began when a severe head injury at work, but he wasn’t perpetually like this before that accident. Ken accustomed to be a firefighter and at some point there was an enormous factory fire that quickly sprang out of control, inflicting him and also the rest of the team to work quickly. The factory was beginning to fall apart when one thing very hard hit him from above, causing him to be unconscious. A colleague saw him and carried him out of the burning building just in time before collapsed factory folded, luckily. It was still a miracle that he survived such an accident, however it appears as if all good things go with a pitfall, that being Alzheimer’s disease. His brain cells were wrecked because of the said accident and it additionally doesn’t help how Ken’s father suffered a similar issue and made it probably to be passed on.

“Hey, look! Over there! Oh! You lost it again Krist, there was a big dog just across the road looking right at me. It’s like he knew me or something.”

Krist heard a loud knock on the door, just in time when he’s near to say one thing. Suddenly, his father jerked his entire body back, causing him to touch the big window behind him and tensed his muscles.

“Wh-what was that?” Ken is afraid on loud noises since his ears are quite sensitive.

“I’m positive it’s some salesperson or one thing. I’ll look on it, you simply stay in place and watch the birds, okay?”

Krist had to make certain that his father wasn’t getting to do something irrational. Once he saw that his father’s focus was outside, Krist walked through the dining area, into a little corridor to wherever the front door is. He glanced out the little window just under the top of the door stealthily, trying to ascertain if he knew the person behind the door. There have been three of them. A girl in front wearing a grey vest, paired with a white loose fitted button-down and an extended black pencil skirt and two men in black wearing dark brown suits. The manner on how they looked gave Krist an odd feeling down at the pit of his stomach. Then, there was another know at the door that made Krist angrily flung the door open inflicting the girl to leap back in shock. The women gathered her calmness and gave him a business smile, that made Krist wish to roll his eyes towards the rear of his head and leave it there.

“Is there anything I can help you with?” He asked in the most irritated tone anyone might ever manage.

“Hello there, I’m Jessie Tornes. I was curious if I may I speak with Mr. Robinson for a moment? I got missive of invitation to send Mr. Ken Robinson over to a caregiver’s home.”

“It looks like you got the incorrect house,” Krist sharply replied and went to shut the door before somebody stopped him from finishing this action.

“No, we didn’t get the incorrect house.” He heard a well-recognized voice outside. Once he looked over, he saw a red car parked simply outside the house with somebody he didn’t wish to see standing right next to that.

She began to walk up the little steps and stood on the wooden deck leading into the front of the house next to the three. “Krist, he needs professional help from somebody who will be there for him around-the-clock.”

Hearing those words return from his own mother left a rotten taste on his mouth. His glare got even stronger once she was less than three feet far from him. “Yeah, and I will definitely provide him all the care he wants. Not like SOMEBODY who set to steer out on everything.”

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