Emmie and Ken haven’t been in good terms for years already, and they perpetually fought more than communicated even before the accident. They split a bit after the head injury. However, when it has happened, their divorced was finalized. When they were suffering the most, the timing in fact led their son to hate his mother for going away from the family. In Krist’s eyes, he strongly believes that Emmie left due to the recently developed health problem of his father.s And once that thought keeps entering his mind, he swear to never wished to see or speak to his very own mother ever once again.

“Look Krist, I didn’t leave because he became the way he’s no—“

“That’s so rich hearing from somebody who obviously did nothing to even support him when needed it the utmost.” Emmie just sighed in defeat. It makes sense to her why this manner and a large part of her desires is that she handled things differently. Maybe then, her son wouldn’t be as angry. She just couldn’t argue any longer regarding this subject along with her son.

Krist didn’t want his mother or any of those folks saying how they’re going to take care of his father, when it absolutely was him who has never left his side, not even once. By now, Krist had enough of this. It truly angers him more than anything to visualize folks act like they care when it’s too later. To him, if somebody really did care, they’d have shown their support and loyalty since day one.

“’Now, get the hell out of my house, why I still have small amount of respect!” Ktist spoke through gritted teeth creating every words sound more and more sort of a threat.

“You must understand that I can’t just do that, Krist. No doubt that your father needs somebody who is going to be there for a long time. Look at yourself; you’re still young and about to pursue education and a career. Having said that, I will not let you drop everything for your father, when there are people around who can do this for you.”

“Folks here don’t even understand anything regarding dad like I do. You don’t even know dad like I do! And don’t even begin talking concerning my future as if you cared! I can take a bullet for my father any day!” His voice was ringing loudly by that time and few of their neighbours began to peer out their windows in concern and curiosity,

“There have been two birds that I needed you to check, however you weren’t even here for it. What’s going—Oh, hello. Are you this man’s friends?” Krist felt very angry that he didn’t even notice once his father walked by. “Dad, I want you to move back to the lounge. These folk are absolutely aren’t my friends. They’re complete opposites of that.”

“Hello there, sir. We are here to bring you to some place where individuals will watch out of you and watch birds or the other animals alongside you all day, does that sound great to you?” The woman from earlier took this as her chance to speak to Ken and easily neglected what Krist has just mentioned to her father. Her business smile was plastered on her face once more; however it looked as if it would persuade him.

“That sounds nice. I would like to go there.”

“Dad, please think about this. No! Do you understand that this implies that you and I won’t be living together any longer if you accept their offer? Do you understand?! These folks are here trying to get you far away from me, thinking that they can watch out of you more than I can. Please… think about this, dad.” Krist explained to his father with full of begging on his tone.

Once he stared at his father fearfully, you’ll see that pure desperation stuffed on his eyes. He didn’t want to leave him. Although life isn’t the best, and he feels unhappy a lot of times, he’d much rather stick with his father, who we loves the most,  than have strangers live with him like they’ve best-known him for years.

“I’m certain we’ve met before. You look so familiar.”

“Dad…” However it absolutely was too late, the lady nodded her head at one amongst the boys standing behind her, and he led Ken over to the grey van that up ‘till this time, Krist didn’t notice was parked. Krist followed with a good smile on his face. “Dad… dad… no!”

“Dad! Dad!” Krist ran to prevent all this from happening; however the other men standing next to Emmie used his full body strength to restrain him. Emmie and also the girl had to join the one man in holding Krist down. He was stronger than they anticipated for him to be.

“It’s going to be okay. Shhh… don’t shout like that. I’m just attending to a good and safe place. Don’t you worry regarding me, buddy.” His father didn’t perceive what he was talking about, so hearing this type of voice coming from his own father tore Krist’s hear even more.

“Please… No!” His voice was loud enough for folks from succeeding town over to listen to him.

“Look Krist, we’re just helping him. This way, he will get treated with those who do that for a living. He’s in right hands, I assure you that.”

“No! Shut up!” this point, he flung his arms hard towards the ground and shook the grasp of everybody around him off. His glare perforated through his mother’s heart and it pained her to see him scrutinize her this way. “He was absolutely in the right hands before you even came here! Don’t attempt wrecking my life simply because you regret each very little thing you probably did with yours!” Krist spat before turning fleetly on his heels. The grey van was already fone and he couldn’t do anything to prevent his dad at this point.

Emmie doesn’t have any option but to just watched as her son turned around in frustration and ran nearer to the front entrance. “Wait Krist, you still need to—“

“No! I hate you! Get lost now!” which was all that came out to his mouth before slamming the door shut onto everyone’s faces. Instinctively, Krist secured the door and sunk down onto his knees.

Emmie softly touched the door along with her right hand behind the little barrier that separated them, as if doing that make her feel more connected to her son. She may hear him pounding his fists onto the hard floor in anger and sorrow; one thing that he perpetually did once he’s upset, at the same time as a small kid. His screams were strong and painful to simply listen to, but for now she required leaving him be. Emmie slowly walked away with unhappiness on her heart, resulting for others to follow.

Krist gently arranged his entire body onto the cold floor and allowed him to feel the pain, as before long as he heard the car engines activate and also the sound of cars exiting his driveway. His knuckles were bloody from punching the ground too arduous, however he didn’t care at all. He knew that his life can change for the worse, from this time forward. His father was got rid of from him and shortly he’s about to got to stay with his mother. Krist knew that this was coming, he simply wasn’t expecting for it to be this soon, or for him to feel this brokenness.

“I miss you… dad.” He spoke picturing how his father was like before Alzheimer’s disease took over.

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