Chapter 7

Jules didn't know what to think.

It had been a week and a few days since Jules and Venus happened—that's exactly what people were calling it— and while Jules expected for a major change in his life as he knew it.

The last thing he expected was the masses to be just as aware of the change in his life as he was.

"What's Venus thinking? Jules, really? I wonder what that freak must have done to get her attached to his hip."

Jules the freak, had just exited his English class and was heading for Calculus when the voices stopped his descent down the stairs. Two girls were in front of the water fountain which just happened to be next to the stairs.

"I know right, I mean it's bad enough that that weirdo Venus is the shiny new thing that everyone's obsessed with. Now she's hanging with Jules?! Did you know she blew me off for him."

Girl number one replied. "She blew you o

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