Chapter 11

Venus took him away from the field and they ended up in an indoor swimming pool. She acted like she didn't see the closed sign as slipped through the window at the side of the building that just happened to be cracked open. She opened the front door for him with a Cheshire cat grin. 

"We are trespassing!" Jules hissed even though he had already stepped into the foyer looking around. 

"Do you really think someone will catch us?" She smirked. "Mind reader, remember?"

"What if another Jules comes along and you can't read him until he find us?"

She laughed then, boy did she laugh like he had uttered the craziest thing. Jules never wanted it to stop because just being there, hearing it—made a part of him light up inside like a fucking bonfire and suddenly, the world was a beautiful place. "You're the only Jules, in the whole fucking universe and don't you forget!"

Fuck my life 

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