Chapter 14

"I still can't believe that you emptied Mr. Alston pocket so easily," Jules said shaking his head. 

Venus fanned herself with the wad of cash in her hand. "It's not my fault he kept putting his wallet on the line."

They had just closed up shop. After a dispirited Mr. Alston left Jun had spared word (like Venus predicted) about the psychic that could see all your secrets. Safe to say in the next hour they were flooded with people, some actual wanted their fortunes read, some wanted to speak to deceased loved ones but the majority just wanted to see if Madame V could actually read minds. 

She could, obviously. 

It was fun but Jules was glad it was over and thankful that other than Mr. Alston (who will never be able to look Venus in the eye again) no else found out who Madame V actually was.

"Come on, let's drop this in the dona

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