Chapter 15

There was a hole in Jules's chest. 

Literally, figuratively? He wasn't sure, all he knew was Venus was not awake and—

He. Couldn't. Breathe.

The lack of oxygen in his lungs wasn't because the hospital room he sat in was bursting with people, it wasn't because he was trapped between the man who accidentally cushioned Venus's fall, probably saving her from dying instantly and David.

It was because Venus was not awake. It had been 13 hours. 13 hours since she fell, 13 hours since they transported her to the hospital, 13 hours since she opened her eyes, 13 hours since Jules smiled, 13 hours since Jules breathed.

"Dude," David said after another hour of Jules asphyxiating. "Do you need an inhaler or something? You're breathing kinda funny."

Or something, Jules thought. Or Venus. Just Venus.

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