Chapter 16

Jules didn't realize when a fly appeared in his bowl of oats. 

"Are you listening to me, Jules?"

Why did you have to mess with my food, fly?

"The school called, apparently you haven't been to school for two days!"

You don't see me sticking my head in the trash can, now do you?

"You leave the house every day with your bag to go to school—"

If you just asked I would have given you some. 

"—so where are you going?"

Okay, I'm lying I wouldn't have given you but asking is the polite thing to do.

"JULIAN!" Marie slammed her hands on the table. 

Jules blinked slowly, dazed. "Why are you shouting, all of a sudden?"

"All of sudden? I have been talking to you for the past three minutes!"

"Yeah?" His head felt heavy, but not as heavy as the weight on his chest. 

"Where have you been going during school hour

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