Chapter 20

Jules was happy.

It was kind of terrifying really. He was half afraid of that guy showing up. The one that usually swung by when things were finally going right— Life. Yeah, that guy. Fucking terrified. But even more, overwhelming than his fear, was his happiness.

"So you are my girlfriend?" It sounded like a question because it was.

"Yes, Jules." Venus sounded exasperated and rightfully so. It had been two weeks since the incident. Not the Venus falling and almost cracking her skull open incident. No, more like the Venus crashing into Jules and completely obliterating everything in its axis— his heart.

He'd looked up the definition of incident because it was beginning to be one of his favorite words.

Incident: the occurrence of dangerous or exciting things.

Jules was stupid or maybe just mad. Because afterward when he tried to remember while looking at Venus talking over the phone. All he remembered was

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