Chapter 51

Jules didn't realize his couch was alive. Until now, that is.

Before now, he wouldn't have had any reason to notice. After all, he barely spent up till an hour sitting on it. Since he didn't watch tv. No, he watched anime. In his room, on his laptop in HD.

But Jules was laying on his couch now, he didn't know long it had been, a millennial was it felt like. But in reality it was probably a few hours, he wasn't sure though since time seemed to have lost its meaning. And the longer he stayed like this. The more certain he was over the discovery that; yes, his couch was actually alive.

When it was touched, it moaned. 

When it was poked, it moaned. 

When it was disturbed, it moaned.

It didn't breathe though, it couldn't. But that's okay, Jules couldn't breathe either. It didn't make him any less alive.

Jules couldn't breathe,

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