Jules tied the laces on his shoes for the thirteenth time since they arrived. He can feel Lars's annoyance next to him like a suffocating fog.

"Do that again, and I'll knife you," he murmured.

Jules visibly tensed before sitting up and pretending to straighten his tie. "I hate it when you go all gangster on me. You're my manager, not my dealer."

"Old habits die hard," Lars replied with a wistful sigh.

Jules glared at him completely forgetting the tightness in his chest for a second. "That's not funny."

"Then stop acting so nervous. You have had book signings, interviews, fundraiser and much more. This isn't even your first book reading. You're used to this, so what's with all the nerves?"

Confusion and heartache swirled suddenly inside his stomach. Twisting and dipping as he tried to find the words. "This is the first time I've been b

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