Uh, that doesn't go in there." Ama corrected as Nilo tries stuffing his mouth with three slices of bread. Just one word for me. Gross.

I was sitting in the living room with my face sharing the same oxygen with my book. You could also say I was reading but with my siblings here, I don't think I can call it 'reading' anymore.

"Yes it does." Mumbled Nilo while opening his mouth to show the half chewed bread.

"Ewwww." Ama cried. "That's gross." She announced.

"Mama, Nilo's eating with his mouth full!" She yelled running to the back yard.

"Genilo." Mom scolded from somewhere in the house.

"Haven't you learnt anything about manners?" She sounded a little frustrated.

"Not really" he had the cheek to reply. I could already imagine mom storming into the room but she didn't. Thankfully.

"Chi?" Mom called

"Yes ma?" I muttered under my breath knowing exactly what she wanted.

"I need you to quickly get us some milk", exactly what I thought. 

Why couldn't Nilo do it?. This was another reason I preferred to stay in my room. Call me lazy but that's Chikamara Kidjo for you. Take it or leave it.

"Okay" I replied after grabbing mom's credit card from the shelf.

After twenty minutes, I arrived at the small supermarket closest to our house because I knew how I felt about walking the extra mile when I could always get it quicker.

After getting what I needed and paying I started walking back home. I spotted a small red car in the driveway it had a familiar thing to it but I couldn't place my finger on what it was about it that seemed so familiar. 

Ten minutes into my walk, I heard the faint sound of a engine. I casually looked over my shoulder and spotted the same red car I had spotted at the supermarket earlier. Why was it following me?. Maybe I'm just overthinking at this. I changed paths but could still hear the engine of the car. I started to panic. 

Don't ask me what happened but I know I was now hiding behind a huge trash can in a dark alley. Not the best hiding place but it still served my purpose. 

If this guy or whoever was stalking me wanted to get me, he for another thing coming his way.

I felt large hands grab by shoulder and the other hand came over my mouth. I felt myself being held against the front of the person as they held my wrists behind me with. I bit the palm of the man which cause him to release my mouth.

"What in hell?" I recognised that voice and turned around quickly to meet a pair of familiar hazel eyes which I knew from school.

"Mark?" I said breathlessly as I recognized him, 

"Why on earth are your stalking me?, I almost died of fear you know?" I yelled at him outraged. I mean who stalks someone they know and then chases them like a kidnapper.

"I thought you wanted to kill me or something"

"I'm sorry" he blurted "I had no idea your were scared" oh no he didn't. 

I was about to reprimand and roast him when I felt searing pain from my ankle. I hissed and crouched to inspect it when I noticed slight swelling. I must have twisted it while running for my poor life.

"Oh Goodness" Mark exclaimed. I was surprised. No f words?. So Americans who didn't use swear words existed (I'm not trying to imply anything by this statement but he was a jock. I was expecting that from him). 

"Can you walk?" He asked as I tried taking a step and the pain was something else.

"I don't think so bu-"

I didn't get to finish my sentence when I felt myself being carried up as I shrieked.

"Put me down" I squirmed

"Not a chance" he said as he opened the passenger seat of his car and placed me in it carefully. He got in and started driving.

When we finally reached my house, I looked at him with confusion on my face.

"How do you know where I live?"

"You're neighbors with Chris and he keeps reminding us all the time so I took a guess ".

After parking in the driveway, he came over to my side and carried me again.

After making his way to the door and knocking, the door was answered by mom but the next thing I heard was a slap. Being given to Mark. No doubt. Suddenly darkness overtook my vision and thoughts. I think I slept.

What a day.


The trees, the grass, the garden.....

The beautiful scenery in front of me demanded my attention as I watched the wild life interact. A doe and it's fawn made their way to the stream cautiously but something happened. It was like mother nature didn't want them to survive. The river started to run dry. The water decreasing at an unusual pace. The doe runs off. Leaving her little one behind. I felt a sharp pain in my chest region as I heard the sorrowful cry of the young fawn started making sorrowful noises. The clouds darkened. The wind soared, picking up leaves and uprooting weak shrubs. The fawn mysteriously disappeared. Even with the impeding storm, I didn't feel anything. It was all happening and I couldn't feel anything but I was under the rain. It was like something was shielding me. I felt protected even as the rain beat the earth relentlessly with so much force that I imagined the earth shaking. I closed my eyes not liking the way the storm was having it's wicked way with the earth. I felt a force pushing me in my mind. I pushed against it as the train quietened just a little until... then it stopped suddenly. The dark clouds parting to reveal the dazzling sun which shone like the afternoon sun in Nairobi ... My past home. I missed there. I wanted to go back but didn't want to stay alone because as long as I was with my family, I was happy. 


"Pink or yellow?", asked Ama as she held the pencil colors for me to see. I pretended to think before answering.

"Blue" a frown graced her delicate features as she replied

"Princesses don't wear blue" she said choosing to go with the yellow and ignore my advice.

"Who says blue isn't a princess color?" I asked feigning interest

"Everyone". I rolled my eyes at the vague answer.

"Don't say 'everyone' if it's just your friends who say so" she made to speak but I cut her off

"You're wearing blue and you're a princess" I paused as her eyes widened and she shuffled closer to me. I chuckled at her curiosity. Guess it runs in the family. A whole family of curious cats "or you aren't a princess anymore?"

"No" she blurted "I mean yes, I am a princess"

"So it's settled" I said "blue is a princess color and don't let you're friends tell you otherwise. OK ?". She nodded furiously making her soft wild curls bounce on her head.

I was currently in the living room pretending to read as I thought about the dreams. I was now having them frequently and I always seemed to revive nature, heal animals or control the weather.

I sneaked out into the back garden which my mom had been taking care of since we got here. I was going to try to do what I always did in my dreams. 

After placing the flower pot of the dying white rose min had tried nurturing but failed on front of me, I sat on the floor with the grass serving as a cushion. After getting comfortable, I stared at the plant and tried imagining coming back to life. Nothing happened. I frowned and tried again. Nothing happened. 

After three tries, Nilo came to call me in for dinner. I quickly took the flower pot containing the dying white rose up to my room.

"So, Chi" Nilo said . I narrowed my eyes at him. "What were you doing in the garden this evening before I called you in?"

"Meditating" I lied. He didn't look convinced. I can't say I blame him. 

"Meditating" he repeated as he dropped the subject to my relief.

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