"Come on Kidjo, just one more"

"But it's so hard"

So here I was climbing stairs with Chris. Yep, you heard right. Climbing stairs. I made a deal with Chris that I'd join him on his morning walks and workout on weekends and I'm regretting ever making this deal.


"Come on, it's just a spider" I said like it was nothing "just pick it up" 

"What if it has poison in it and I end up paralyzed for the rest of my miserable life? " he asked as I watched the visible fear on his face. I just found it really amusing that Mr. Strong and mighty was scared of a harmless spider.

"Okay, I'll make you a deal" I found myself saying. His eyes narrowed suspiciously. "If you cannot pick up the spider, you get to wear only the clothes I pick out for you to school for a month and if you prove me wrong and pick up the spider, " I paused and chuckled at the anticipation on his face " I'll join you on your weekend walk this weekend "


"Uh?" I asked as confusion graced my face "what do you mean by weekends?".

He straightened from his crouch on the floor in my kitchen and moved closer to me. Towering over me and I cursed my height for once. I turned to walk away but he put his hands on either side of me, trapping me against the counter. He leaned in. I froze as my mind went numb.

"If I prove you wrong and pick the spider, you will workout with me on weekends until I say you're free" he whispered as his lips were pressed against my earlobe with his breath tickling me, making elephants stomp in my tummy( what?. Butterflies are overrated). 

"Deal" I replied breathlessly. He brushed his lips against my ear softly. Either that or I imagined it. He slowly pulled back enough to look into my eyes as I looked at the ground.


So here I am in gym attire.

"Just one more round" he said calmly making my irritation grow. I panted as I ran down the stairs and ran back up.

"Good" he said handing me the water. I didn't bother responding as I gulped the water greedily.

"No no no" I felt the water bottle being snatched away from me. My anger surfaced.

"I wasn't finished with that" I managed to say after recovering from my earlier panting state

"We still have the whole morning before we're done so you might want to save this for later okay?".

I didn't respond as I thought about it.

"You know what? "

"What" I muttered through clenched teeth.

"Let's take a break"

"Let's go home. I'm due for a well earned shower" I said while loosening my wild hair from it's bonds and retying it. No response. I looked up to see Chris starring.

"Chris" I said his name after I stood directly in front of him.

"I want to go home" I crossed my arms in front of me"please, I'm tired " I whined

"Okay" he said at last after looking at me like he had spaced out or something.

"Lead the way".

"Okay, follow me " he replied his voice deeper than usual as he cleared his throat silently but I still heard

"Is anything wrong?" I asked

"Why would you think so?" He asked back.

"Don't answer a question with a question"

"Nothing" he said "you're just so freaking beautiful" he added under his breath hoping I wouldn't hear

"Why, thank you Chris" I said "you're pretty handsome too" I replied as his neck upwards turned red

"You weren't meant to hear that" he said as his face resembled a fire truck making me chuckle softly.

"Awwwwn. Cwisy bwaby is blushing" I taunted as I pinched his cheeks and walked to my house "bye Cwisy bwoy" I yelled as I heard him chuckle.

After making my way upstairs and into the room. I had that well earned shower, brushed my hair and put on some decent clothes.

"Nice" I heard Chris's voice from my window. Chris?. How?. I walked to the curtains and opened is all the way, revealing none other than Cwisberg ( what is up with these weird names?).

"Was this planned?" I asked in amusement.

"Maybe" he said dragging out the word.

I ignored him and went back inside but kept the curtains open. I pulled out the flower pot containing the white rose and my breath hitched in my throat.

"Kamara, what is a white rose doing under your bed?" I heard Chris ask but I ignored him.

The rose. It's alive and the scent was irresistibly sweet. I put my nose closer to it, soaking up the scent like my life depended on it. The next sentence that crossed my mind made me think of how unbelievable this was. The rose is alive but was dying yesterday afternoon. How?. When did this ability come true?. It was bizarre. I had tried it just to confirm that my dreams weren't true but after seeing the rose bigger and the petals brighter than any I had ever seen before, saying I was blown away was too simple. I was confused, amazed, scared, excited, and many questions danced around in my mind but the one that stood out the most was ... What is this power?


"Favorite food?" Chloe asked crystal.

"Chick-Fil-A" crystal didn't hesitate to answer

"Om freaking jeez" she exclaimed gaining an eye roll from me.

"My turn" Crystal says after looking at me with 'the' look

"Oh no" I thought

"Ooohh yes, girl" Chloe responded making me realise I had said that out loud.

"So we've been wondering ... "

Crystal trailed off in a failed attempt to create suspense but I knew exactly what was coming.

"What's up with you and Chris?" She asked as they both leaned in in anticipation for the 'tea' (cue eye roll).

"Nothing" I answered lamely.

"No fair" Chloe whined with a pout and fake puppy eyes. It didn't work. Been there, don't that.

"Come on" Crystal rolled her eyes

"After what happened in the class today, you can't just say nothing"

"What happened in class?"

I asked because I was in no mood for this.

"Nothing happened" she replied "that's the problem, you just sat there during first period and did nothing while the whole female population watched the schools' team captain salivate and drool all over his desk, starring at you" she announced in a 'duhh' tone as I felt my face heat up. Chris?. Stare at me?. Why?. Not like that didn't make me feel totally sassy.

"Earth to Kamara" Chloe snapped her fingers in front of my face.

"That confirms it" Crystal stated like it was the best news she had heard so far

"Oh I can hear wedding bells already"

Whoa. Pause. What?. That is way too far.

"What do think their babies will look like?" Crystal asked dreamily.

"They will probably have Kamara's awesome brown skin and Chris's hot blue eyes and the girls must have that awesome body and great behind that will make guys ask for death"

"Ladies please" I put my hands over my ears "nothing of that sort will happen" 

They both looked kind of sad, before.

"Of course it won't happen if you guys don't hurry up and make them" Chloe said while popping a piece bubble gum into her mouth

"I know right?, he is so lucky you're so endowed"

Kill. Me. Now. Please. I pleaded to the heavens.

"Ok, we'll stop" they said simultaneously as I sighed in relief. That was super weird.

"For now, but we still want you guys to think about making those cuties soon"

I groaned. This was not what I had in mind when I agreed to play 20 questions with them.

Note to self: avoid games that include questions with Chloe and Crystal.

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Five chapters in and in still trying to make heads or tails about this book. It's not like your other book. This feels all over the place.

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