Graduation was slowly creeping up close. It was three weeks away. Chloe and I had already discussed our plans for college. I was sad and disappointed to know we would be going to different schools.

"I'm going to miss you" she pouted

" I won't " I said with feigned boredom resulting in my pillow being thrown at me. I dodged easily.

"I'm kidding, I'll miss you more"

I told her as we continued with our assignments.

"Hey Clo?" I called her with my eyes glued to the textbook in my hands.

"Do you thi-"

"Wow" Chloe uttered as she opened my window which I had closed earlier so we wouldn't get distracted and start talking about Chris. I have had enough of him to last me a lifetime.

"I didn't know your room was directly opposite HIS room" she put emphasis in the his like there was a hidden meaning to her words.

"Chloe, please come

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