"I think the the Kootaca people will forever be in your debt for helping Maro deliver Kovu and Kulo" Cecilia, one of the vets at Kootaca Zoo.

"No,  it's nothing really" I assured her calmly "she just needed a little help is all"

I had just assisted a young Giraffe on her first delivery. The situation was worse because she had twins and they were two weeks early.

I smiled while remembering my joy when they finally stood on their shaky legs and started walking a little,  testing the grounds but didn't take more than three steps away from their mother. Smart animals.

"I won't have this argument with you because this isn't the first time you're coming to our rescue" she continued "a vacant spot is always available for you to work with is as a vet"

"You know I can't" I said lightly "I haven't started college but I am really busy making applications but thanks for letting

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