To answer the questions that were raised in the minds of the readers, yes I'm working on a sequel. A sequel was always the part of the plan and my idea was to leave the readers to a cliffhanger to get them excited. But a lot of the readers were being critical of my decision, which is completely understandable. 'Set Me Free' was not revised so sorry for the typos, I will try to mend my mistakes as much as possible. The sequel is called 'Am I Free?' the book sheds light on what actually happened to Daniel Robinson, if he ever gets to meet Isabelle Davis. Most importantly the sequel gives the much awaited ending. Hope all the readers will enjoy the sequel, I'm still working on it but here is a short preview of the book. Enjoy.

“What is your name?” A deep voice of a man echoes throughout the poorly lit room.

Daniel, who is cuffed to a white medical bed, can barely see anything. Small beads of sweat are pooling on his forehead due to the humidity and hot temperature of the room. His blurry
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Moreen Gitonga
A touching story I crying alot when I was reading this story it's really good indeed thank you so much
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thank you for your kind words
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May L
I will say this you need to do this the book is worth it also I'm so happy that you will do the sequel that make you a great author even you have your things to do you still will have time to start it THANK YOU!!!
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