I moan feeling his tongue glide across my neck. He sucks on my neck and kisses me all over my collarbone. I whimper feeling butterflies erupt in my stomach. “Zen, everyone’s watching,” I whisper tugging his hair. He says nothing and continues his sweet torture on me. "Uhh! Zen." I moan out loud tugging on his hair. He puts his hands under my butt cheeks and makes me wrap my legs around his waist. I look at him and kiss him softly making the kiss sensual. I kiss the corner of his lips and kiss his jaw and suck on it. He bites his lips holding me and squeezes my waist hard. "Always wanted to squeeze your big butt that you keep on swinging in front of my face, in your tight skirts." He says while walking out and heads to his car, as a small moan escapes from his lips.

I tug the hair on the back of his neck and kiss his neck and unbutton the top buttons of his shirt. After we reached in front of his car he puts me down and opens the car door of the backseat for me to get it. He gets in after me and closes the door shut. I look at him and he looks at me and pulls me in a kiss again. He holds my face in both his palms kissing me hard, laying me down on the seat. I moan loudly in his mouth and pull away from the kiss and look at him nervously. "You can say no if you don't want this, I won't mind." He says looking at me with a genuine smile. I stare at him and caress his lips with my index finger.

"I always wanted you Zen, always,” I say and pulling him close to me. He smiles and kisses the side of lips and goes down kissing my neck to my chest while removing the straps of my dress from my shoulders. I look at him feeling really nervous as I never did this before. But I don't want to tell him what if he stops. He makes me sit up and opens the zipper on the back of my dress slowly, looking right in my eyes and pulls the dress off my body leaving me in nothing but my lace underwear. I watch him stare at my body, I feel shy so I try to hide myself with my arms.

"Don't cover yourself, Belle, let me see how beautiful you are." He whispers and caresses my body with his hands leaving tingling sensations all over it. I moan loudly as I feel him slip his hand in my underwear and start touching my core. "Zen!" I whisper yell as he puts one of the fingers in me. It hurts to be honest as he starts pumping in and out. He adds another finger and starts pumping a little faster. "Ahh!! Oh my...” I moan loudly running out of breath, leaning on the car door.

He keeps pumping his fingers in and out of me at a fast speed. I keep moaning and groaning loudly digging my nails on the car's leather seat as he starts pumping faster and harder while rubbing the bundle of nerves in my core. "Oh god, it feels so good!!" I moan loudly and arch my back as he leans in and kiss me hard still pumping his fingers. I kiss him back instantly and this time I push my tongue in his mouth and taste it. I scream against his mouth as I feel my high approach and I release all over his fingers. He pulls out his fingers and looks at me with a hazy gaze. I breathe heavily staring at him and bite my lips leaning against the car door. He hisses looking at me and takes off all his clothes and crawls to me.

"Are you ready?" He whispers against my lips pumping his hardness. "Yes," I say gulping seeing his size. Why is he so big? He enters me hard making me scream out loud. "Zen!!! Ahh!!" I scream holding onto him tightly digging my nails on his back. He kisses me and starts moving without letting me adjust. "Ahh!! It hurts!" I say letting my tears fall. He looks at me and kisses my tears while moving in and out of me at a slower pace. I squeeze my eyes shut taking in all the pain. "Open your eyes, Isabelle, look at me." He says caressing my cheeks and stops moving.

I look at him breathing heavily and kiss him slowly as he starts thrusting in and out of me. I tug the hair on the back of his head moaning loudly as he starts to pick up his pace. He thrusts harder and faster groaning in my ears. "So tight! Damn!!" He groans loudly looking at me. "Ah! Ah! Ah! Zen, you're so big!" I scream moaning wrapping my legs around his waist. He goes down and sucks on my chest and gropes my left breast while moving harder in and out of me. I scream his name as I feel my high approach. His thrusts get faster and sloppier.

"I'm there!!" He says groaning loudly. I climax hard against him screaming; he chases my high and fills me up with all his seeds. I arch my back looking at him feeling him move in and out of me slowly driving off his high. I breathe heavily as he rests his forehead on mine still staying in me. "Thank you for being my first," I say breathing heavily.

"Thank you for making me your first, Isabelle." He says and pecks me on my lips and sits up slowly pulling out. I look at him all of a sudden feeling very shy. He smiles at me seeing my cheeks get red and pulls me to his lap and hugs me tight. I’m happy, this is where I want to be the rest of my life. In his arms all safe and secure.

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