We sit there in each other’s arms not worrying about what will happen next. Where will this relationship go? Will our friendship be ruined because of this step we took? I was worried for a moment, but it all went away when I looked up at his face. Suddenly, nothing mattered, only he did. I silently stare at him and watch him go through his phone. I look closely at his handsome face and start studying it. His beautiful features are glistening with a light layer of sweat; his eyes are like an ocean. Deep, dark, and full of mystery, I wonder what is going on in his head, is he thinking about us? Is he worried about our relationship?

“Hello, yeah I’m sending you the location bring a car here.” He speaks over the phone, while his fingers rub circles on my naked back. My skin reacts to his touch in ways I never knew it could. A chill runs down my spine when his fingers start to trace my shoulder blade. “Get dressed Belle.” He slowly breaks the hug, depriving me of his warmth. I nod and slowly slide my legs inside my dress and pull it up my body. A hiss comes out of my mouth, when I feel a slight pinch inside my stomach. “You okay?” He caresses the back of my head. I nod and lean back on the seat closing my eyes. “You sure? You look very flushed.” He caresses my cheek with his fingertips. I nod my head and slowly rest my head on his chest with my eyes still shut. “Are you okay?” I slowly look at him and see that he’s staring at me. “Yeah.” He gives me a small smile and goes back to scrolling through his phone.

While we were sitting in the car waiting for the chauffeur to come, it started raining. So, we have been sitting in the car, watching the rain. The raindrops against the window are making me feel very peaceful. This has to be the best day of my life; I will cherish it for eternity.

“Belle, wake up.” A soft voice whispers in my ear. I open my eyes slowly and see Zen staring at me. “We are home.” He says ruffling my hair while chuckling. I blush and slowly sit up, as I go to get out of the car, I feel a sharp pain on my lower abdomen which causes me to groan out. “You okay?” Zen quickly crouches down to me and caresses my lower belly. I shake my head no and wince leaning on the car seat completely. He slowly puts one of his hands under both my thighs and swings the other around my neck and picks me up off the seat.

My face gets flushed; I could feel my cheeks heating up. He takes me out of the car and starts carrying me inside the mansion. While he walks in through the hallway, every one of the maids stops what they were doing and stares at us with an open mouth. I tighten my arms around his and bury my face in the crook of his neck, to hide my tomato red face. Zen opens his bedroom door with his leg and slowly kicks it close, after entering the room. He puts me down on the bed and walks inside the bathroom. I slowly sit up and try to stand but fall down on the bed. Damn my lower body is hurting really bad. I groan lying on the bed, holding my lower belly, due to the pain.

"Who told you to get up?" He asks rolling his shirt's sleeves up. "I need to take a bath." I say looking at him pouting as he spoke to me in a rude manner. He holds me chin and shakes my face from left to right. "Don't try to act cute with me." He slowly puts a tablet in my mouth and hands me the water bottle and goes back inside the bathroom. I swallow the tablet with the water and slowly lie back down on bed and roll around on it. He comes out after a while and clears his throat seeing me roll on the bed like a cat. He looks at me with a serious look but smiles widely after a while. I giggle looking at him and sit up. He kneels down in front of me and goes to touch my feet.

"What are you doing?" I take my feet away before he could touch them. He doesn’t answer to my question and slowly grabs my ankle and starts taking off my heels. I stare at his face, adoring him more. How will I stop myself from falling deeply in love with him if he keeps taking care of me like this? "This." He says and picks me up on his shoulder and walks in the bathroom. I hang from his shoulder and stare at the marble floor smiling like an idiot. He slowly puts my down near the tub which is filled with water. He hooks his fingers under both my straps and slowly slides it down my arms making the dress slip off my body. I keep staring at his face, butterflies starts erupting inside my stomach. I slowly rip off my gaze from him and step out of the dress.

He picks me up again and puts me in the bathtub. Once I get in the tub completely the pain starts fading away. Oh the lukewarm water feels so good against my body. It's so soothing; I look at him and see him strip off his own clothes. I blush again seeing his bare skin. He gets in the tub and sits behind me making me sit in between his legs. I lean on his chest and rest my head on it closing my eyes. He wraps his arms around my waist and holds me close to him.

After the bath Zen wraps a towel around me and him and carries me back to the bedroom. I dry myself and slowly walk to his closet and put on a loose T-shirt of his closet. He walks to the closet and stands beside me and looks for his cloths, I watch him put on a fresh pair of boxers, leaning on the closet. “I will go now, I feel much better. Thank you for everything Zen. You truly are the only person I have who cares for me.” I stare up at him with admiration in my eyes for him. "Stay with me." He takes my hand in his and leads me to his bed.  

I smile at him and get on the bed with him; he pulls the comforter on both of us and slowly tucks me in nicely. He gets closer to me and slowly rests his head on my chest and hugs me by my waist. My cheeks starts heating up again, I feel so happy that it feels like my heart is going to explode. I slowly nuzzle my nose in his hair and inhale his musky scent; I run my fingers through his locks and slowly start scratching his scalp. “I love head scratches.” He mumbles burying his face in my chest. “I know.” I whisper wrapping my arms around his neck and caress the back of his head. "I sleep well when I'm with you." He says as a whisper. My eyes start getting heavy, and soon I close them shut. And his sweet words were the last thing I hear before I completely doze off.

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