Lizzy's Story 5

It had been almost two weeks since Lizzy's video went viral. Everyone realized their mistakes and Lizzy got some of her former friends coming to her to apologize. It was later found out that everything she had gotten was from her Father. 

No one knew the true story but everyone later found out that both her father and mother were from very rich families and for reasons unknown had to separate. 

"That's rude" Michael said as he kicked Jude in the calf. 

"Please" Jude said as Lizzy burst into laughter while holding onto Jude. 

She really didn't understand how it happened. How she became friends with these strangers. It was funny how they comforted her during that period even if they didn't know her, without their help; Lizzy really didn't know how she would have fared with her friendless personality. 

"Don't mind Jude, he's a jerk" John said as Lizzy nodded

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