- 3 -

I turned and found a face smiling at me. 

"Fisayo" I called out slowly. She looked exactly like her pictures. She was of average height, not that skinny. She had a gorgeous smile on her face. 

"Hi" I breathed out slowly.

She pulled me into a hug that surprised me. 

"Here you are" Fisayo said.

"Mom, Dad, this is Fisayo, Fisayo, these are my parents" I introduced.

"Good morning ma, Good morning sir " Fisayo greeted.

"How are you?" my mom asked.

"Fine ma" Fisayo replied.

"You both get into the car" my dad said.

We both got into the car and my dad drove off while Fisayo showed the way. 

There were two huge hostels when we got down.

"You are in what room?" Fisayo asked.

"124" I replied.

"Me too" Fisayo squealed as she opened the door and got down. I was on the first floor and Fisayo opened the door and there about four girls sprawled on the floor, their eyes glued to the laptop in front of them. 

"Hey guys" Fisayo called out.

They all turned to me and I almost tripped from their boring eyes. 

"This is our new roommate, Jola" Fisayo said with a smile.

"Hii" one of the girls said.

"Welcome to our room, Im Folusho" the girl added.

"Mary" another girl said.

"Kenny" the other added.

"Elizabeth but call me Lizzy" a girl said in an accent and I just smiled at her. 

After two rounds of walking up and down the staircase, all my stuffs were put in the room already. 

"I'll be back. Want to eat with my parents" I said to Fisayo.

"Okay, don't take long. You still have to do your reg" Fisayo said.

"I'm done with my reg" I replied with a smile.

"Huh?" Kenny asked.

"I'm done" I repeated.

"Done keh?"Kenny asked again.

"When did you resume that you are done with it?" Lizzy asked with a frown on her face. "Just be saying nonsense sha" Lizzy added.

"I am done" I said as I brought out my papers and showed Fisayo. 

All the girls scrambled up and gathered around it as they flipped the pages. 

"Mad oo" Mary said aloud.

"She's really done" Fisayo murmured.

"What are you guys talking about?" Lizzy said standing up and snatching the papers from Kenny. 

"Whoa!" Folusho said.

"Your connections are crazy" Folusho added.

I just smiled a little as Fisayo handed me back the papers without a word. Her face looked like she was unsure of what to say. 

"Come back early to unpack" Fisayo said finally and I just smiled as I closed the door and walked downstairs. 

"Let's eat together" I said to my mom who offered me a smile in reply. There were plenty of eateries as we drove looking for were to eat but we settled for one after cruising around. 

There were a lot of students in the eatery which showed that the eatery must be a popular one. My phone rang as a smile crawled up my face. 

"Hello" I said.

"Baby girl" a voice slurred in my ears as I shook my head. 

"How are you?" I asked.

"Fine. Have you resumed yet?" the voice asked.

"Yeah" I replied.

"Really? Where are you?" the voice asked excited.

"I don't know the name of the place. It’s an eatery and its painted blue and there are plenty of students here" I replied.

"Mama Chinwe" the voice said.

"Ohh" I said.

"I'll be right there" Paul replied as he hung up. 

"He's coming?"

"Mm" I replied as I watched my dad eat. I ate my own food slowly as I glanced around. 

"Good morning sir" I heard a very familiar face as I turned to see Paul bowing his head slightly. My mom just waved at him in reply since her meat was stuffed in her mouth. 

"How are you?" my dad asked.

"Fine sir" Paul replied.

My dad cleaned his hand with his handkerchief as he stood up. 

"Anjola" my dad called.

"Sir" I replied.

"We'll leave now" my dad said.

I just hugged him reply. Dad acted cold and distant and like he didn't care but he cared the most. Yeah of course, he was my red ranger. He patted my head in return while Mom hugged me. 

"Make more friends" my mom said.

I just rolled my eyes in return as Dad stretched an envelope to Paul.

"Take care of her" my dad said.

"Yes sir" Paul replied.

I watched them enter the car and drive off before I turned to Paul. 

"Babes, you are prettier" Paul said with a wide grin.

I blushed as I hit his hand "Shut up" I said.

Olaniyi Paul was my favorite cousin. I was introverted since I was little and each time we had family days, I'll lock myself in my room upstairs and read comics and watch movies. He usually barged into my room and played games all by himself. Then he taught me how to play how sort of games, "mortal combat" "Ps2" "Mini militia" and so many ones. He and Sarah we're the only ones who really listened to me. To him I was beautiful and much better than Sarah but I never believed it.

"What! I can't even compliment you again" Paul said with mock annoyance.

"Don't tease me" I replied. Paul burst into laughter as I turned away blushing badly. 

To say Paul was handsome would be an understatement. He was cute and blessed with these winks that could make you go weak in the knees. If you ever got that opportunity or you ever looked at him while he laughed, that’s the definition of "one is most beautiful when they laugh" If he wasn't my cousin, he was one guy I would definitely have feelings for. 

"Are you blushing?" Paul asked with a grin.

"No" I replied trying to keep a straight face.

Paul burst into a cheeky laughter as he raised his eyebrow a little. 

"You haven't changed any bit" Paul said as I glared at him.

"Ya! You haven't seen me in two years, will you say something sensible?" I said snarling at him.

Yeah, whenever I was around Paul, I have a big mouth. 

"Is it me you are yabbing like that?" Paul asked with a small smile playing on his lips. 

"Awey, am just joking" I replied slapping him slightly on the shoulder.

"It’s painful nah" Paul said whining.

"Sorry" I replied.

"We walked outside the eatery and stood while watching students walk by. 

"Have you even started your reg?" Paul asked.

"Im done" I replied.

"Ohh" Paul said and nodded.

"You aren't surprised?" I asked.

Paul glanced at me as he scoffed "If am ever going to underestimate someone, its definitely not your dad, my uncle" Paul replied.

I laughed slightly "Now that medd" I replied.

Paul turned to me in surprise "You know slangs?" Paul asked as I glared at him.

"Dude, just because am introverted or I have poor social skills doesn't mean I don't know whats going on or whats trending I replied.

"Right" Paul said with a smile as I saw a girl approach us. 

"Paul" the girl called sweetly.

"Winifred, how are you? Paul asked.

"Im fine. What about you?" Winifred replied.

"Cool" Paul replied.

"Who's this?" Winifred asked.

Paul wore a cheeky grin immediately that I couldn't help feel a bad premonition. I suddenly felt a hand on my waist. 

"Wini, this is Jola, Jola meet Wini" Paul said with a smile.

"Jola?" Winifred asked in surprise.

I turned to glare at Paul but he smiled at me. 

I easily got his message and flashed a smile at the girl who was still battling her eyelashes at me.

"Nice to meet you" I said as I struck out my hand to her a fake smile still plastered on my face. 

She glanced at both of us and walked away leaving my out stretched hand. 

"Madd oo" Paul said as she walked away laughing. I just shook my head at him. 

"Who was that?" I asked.

"Wini? She's just lice who has stuck to me and won't let go no matter the hair cream I use" Paul replied with a yawn.

"Ohh. Shouldn't you pay me for my service?" I asked with a grin.

"Of course I will" Paul replied.

"With what?" I asked.

"What do you want?" Paul asked with a glint in his eyes "A kiss?" Paul asked.

I blushed hard as I slapped him on the hard "Gross!" I exclaimed still blushing furiously. 

Paul burst into laughter as he threw his head backwards "Seriously Jola? Any girl would kill to get me kiss her" Paul said with a smile.

"For the record, am not any girl" I replied with a straight face.

"Boss lady!" Paul hailed playfully his hand still on my waist. 

"This school is quite big I said looking around.

"Yeah, so welcome to FUTA" Paul said.


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