- 5 -

I groaned as I ran outside. I could still hear Paul's voice telling me to come back. I walked outside the building before I remembered I didn't know anywhere. 

Good one you pulled girl, my subconscious said. 

I just followed the walkway to nowhere in particular. I got bored walking as I reached for my phone in my bag and I saw seven missed calls from Paul. 


I plugged in my ear piece as "Zodi" by Jidenna flowed into my ears. I soon got to a roundabout and I looked around. This was just good, I just got lost. Just as I paused the music to call Paul, I felt a tap on my shoulder and I instantly swirled around. 


"Hi" I replied timidly. It was a guy and his friends. He squinted his eyes at me a little. 

"Do you know me?" the guy asked.

"I'm sorry, I don't think I do" I replied.

"Ohh, you've probably never seen my picture before" the guy added.

"Huh?" I asked.

"You are Jola right?" the guy asked again as I looked at him in surprise, I was sure I had never seen him before.

"Ye...s" I replied.

"Im Goodness" the guy introduced.

My eyes widened immediately as I dropped my head and raised it up with a smile on my face. Fisayo had given me his number after I needed information about the department. His display picture had an anime character on it and we barely spoke, it’s not even like if we spoke I would ask him for his picture. 

He looked cool in his cameo top and jeans. I squinted my eyes at his sneakers. 

"Those are limited edition right?" I asked.

"Huh?" Goodness asked.

"Your sneakers" I replied.

Goodness chuckled "How did you know?" he asked.

"My younger brother wanted one, by the time he ordered it was gone. He cried for days" I replied.

"Ohh" Goodness replied with a small smile.

"I'm  sorry I didn't recognize you" I said as Goodness wore a smile.

"It’s okay" Goodness replied.

"Have you seen Fisayo? Goodness asked.

"Yeah. We are in the same room" I replied.

"Whoa!  That's cool" Goodness replied.

I nodded my head slightly. 

"What are you doing here anyways?" Goodness asked.

I pursed my lips and looked around not knowing what to say. 

"You are lost?" One of his friends asked with a smile on his lips. 

I smiled a little and nodded and they burst into laughter. I stomped my legs in annoyance. 

Could everyone just stop making jest of me? 

And again I started walking off to of course nowhere in particular. I felt someone grab my hand. 

"Where do you think you are going to?" Goodness asked me with a smile. 

Jeez... He's so cute. 

Excuse me Miss, some minutes ago, you were tripping over a guy and here you are tripping over another. How great you are, my subconscious murmured again.

I laughed slightly as he pulled me along. 

"I don't want to be responsible if you get kidnapped" Goodness said.

"Kidnapped? Seriously? That's all you are going to come up with?" I asked laughing and shaking my head.

Goodness chuckled slightly as we reached his friends. 

"Jola, this is Samuel and Peter" Goodness introduced.

"Hi" Samuel said and waved at me.

"You don't like being made jest of?" Peter asked.

I chuckled slightly "Who does?" I asked.

Samuel and Goodness burst into laughter as Peter just glared at me. 

"Where do you want to go?" Goodness asked.

I remembered I hadn't even unpacked. I checked my wristwatch. 


"My hostel" I replied.

"The new hostel bah?" Goodness asked.

"Yeah" I replied.

"I'm going to the department, have you started your registration? Goodness asked.

I couldn't even bear to start arguing with anyone so I just flipped my school bag to the front and brought out my bio-data form and showed it to him. The boys eyes widened as they checked the form. 

"" Peter asked stammering.

"Finished" I replied.

"Whoa!" Goodness said as he stretched the form back to me. 

"No stress for you" Samuel said while I shrugged in reply. 

They walked in front while I walked behind them and soon we were back at School of Computing. 

"Just follow the walkway, where it ends, you should be able to see your hostel roof" Goodness said.

"Hostel roof?" I asked.

"Building I mean" Goodness replied.

"Abi you don't know the hostel?" Peter asked.

"Do I look that dumb to you?" I replied.

Peter swallowed his saliva as Samuel cackled into laughter. 

"I'll see you later" I said as I followed the walkway. 

Goodness was right. I could see the hostel as soon as the walkway ended. I walked quickly towards the hostel and climbed the staircase to my room. I pushed the door open and found the girls gisting. 

"You are back" Fisayo said as I entered and I smiled back at her as I walked to my bed. 

The room was pretty huge and very spacious. The wardrobes were embedded in the wall. I removed my stuff from my bed and laid my bed. 

"Your wardrobe is the one of the left" Kenny said.

"Thank you" I said with a smile.

I quickly hung my clothes and folded the rest.  Within minutes, I had arranged all my stuff and put my box in the corner of the room. My shoes were neatly arranged under the bed. 

"You arranged your things quite quickly" Mary commented

"Thank you" I replied.

"Took Lizzy two days to arrange hers" Foulsho said as Lizzy laughed. 

"You can't blame me; I don't really do much work at home" Lizzy replied.

"It’s obvious" Folusho said.

Lizzy continued tapping on her phone and I easily noticed she was holding an iPhone. The model, I didn't know. 

"Guys, my elder brother I asking for a picture of my roommates, come around, let's take a picture"

The girls squealed as they all scrambled towards her. 

"Aren't you joining Jola?" Mary asked.

"Sorry, am not a fan of pictures" I replied.

"Seriously? Why are you acting so stuck up? Just say you don't want to snap pictures with me" Lizzy said fuming. 

I just blinked my eyes at her and scoffed. 

"I don't remember saying that" I replied.

"You didn't have to; I could see it in your eyes" Lizzy added.

"My eyes?" I asked puzzled.

"It’s okay" Fisayo interrupted "She's not really a picture person" Fisayo added.

"Even though" Folusho said glaring at me. 

My phone rang and I turned to my phone to see that it was Paul calling. He knew exactly when to call. 

"Hello" I said into the phone.

"Where are you?" Paul asked.

"My room" I replied.

"Your room?" Paul asked.

"Yes" I replied rolling my eyes.

"Whoa!" Paul said laughing.

"What's whoa!?" I asked.

"It’s a surprise you didn't get lost" Paul replied.

"I did you asshole" I replied with clenched teeth as Paul's laughter filled my ears. 

"Come outside your hostel, I'll come get you" Paul said.

"Okay" I replied as I hung up and grabbed my headset. 

"Are you going out?" Kenny asked.

"Yeah" I replied.

"What if I didn't ask? You weren't going to tell us? What if something happened to you?" Kenny asked.

Where the hell did they pack these people from? 

"I'm sorry" I replied as I wore my palm slippers and I opened the door and stepped out of the room and immediately, I held my head as I remembered I didn't even finish my registration before I ran away. 

I walked downstairs and found Paul and the others standing not far from the hostel. Kola was there too and was already attracting attention. 

I bit my lip in embarrassment. I walked slowly up to them as Stephen and others burst into laughter. 

"Stop laughing" Paul said sternly and yet I could see he was trying hard not to laugh. 

"Just laugh if you want to, don't hold it in" I said to him I scratched through my braids. 

Paul burst into laughter and held his stomach. 


"Are you going to continue to make jest of her?" Kola asked putting a stop to Paul's laughter. 

"Dude nah, just be killing vibes " Paul said with a pout.

Kola snorted in reply. 

"You didn't finish your reg" Kola commented as I turned my face. 

Yeah. I was expecting it. 

"Don't mind him, Paul finished it for you" Maryokun said. 

"Do you want to see my hostel?" Paul asked.

"Your hostel?" I asked.

"I live off campus" Paul replied laughing.

"I know" I replied with a snarl.

"Let's go" Paul said.

"Am driving" David yelled as Felix scoffed. 

"Key dey Kola hand" Felix said. (trans - the key is with Kola) 

David dropped his hands as all the excitement drained from his face and I couldn't help from laughing softly. 

"Are you making jest of me?" David asked as I instantly stopped laughing. 

"I wasn't" I replied looking innocent.

"Better" David replied.

It was then I noticed the Lexus jeep parked not far away. I was not in the least surprised to know Paul had a car. He was spoilt rotten. His dad spoilt him to the core. Gave him everything he asked for while his mom stomped her feet whenever his dad gave him something she didn't want him to give Paul. 

"This isn't my car, its Kola's, mine's at home" Paul said as he got into the front seat. Now, I wasn't expecting that.  When I checked the back seat, it was already full. 

"Sit down with Paul in front" Felix said as he slammed the door. 

"Break the door and buy another one" David joked. 

"The front seat? Am I supposed to seat on Paul's head?" I asked.

"My laps are available" Paul replied cheekily. 


I got in the front seat and sat on his laps. I had no problem with that but I had another problem. 

Kola; That Greek god was driving right in front of me. 

"Your roommates... " Paul started as I interrupted him.

"I take it back. They aren't cool, except Fisayo" I replied as Paul and the boys burst into laughter. 

"What happened?" Paul asked.

I shrugged "They are just annoying" I replied.

"You'll live Paul added with a grin as my eyes went to the guy driving.

Kola drove quietly while the boys talked about random things. I just watched him drive. He held the steering wheel in a cool way and sometimes his long fingers tapped on the steering wheel a few times. His chiseled face shone slightly as his lips lifted up once in a while. He looked so endearing that moment 

I could watch him forever. 


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