- 6 -

Before long, Kola arrived at a house with gates and Mayorkun got down and opened the gates. Kola drove in and parked. I chuckled at the cars parked in the compound.

"3 cars?" I asked, my eyebrows raising in puzzlement.

"Calm down, just two is mine" Paul replied cheekily.

I glared at him. "Just two" I replied.

Paul opened the door and we got down. The house had nice flowers in an arranged pattern. I followed Paul inside and I wasn't in a bit surprised at the expensive cushions and glass ware in the sitting room. Paul couldn't live in a place with shabby stuffs, His dad wouldn't want to hear it.

Pads and games discs were sprayed on the floor. I reached down to see. Mortal Combat, PES, Mini militia, Final fantasy, Riptide GP, Evoland and every game I could imagine. A smile crawled up my lips immediately, It’s being a while I played these games. I only played these games with Paul. I brought out the football ones and held it.

"Why are you holding them like you can play them?" Stephen asked.

"I can" I replied him.

"You can wetin?" David asked again as I plopped on the chair.

"I said I can play"

Felix and David burst into laughter as Paul walked out of the room shirtless. I covered my eyes immediately as the boys burst into laughter.

"Get a shirt on, dickhead!" I howled.

"What?! Am in my house. I do what I like" Paul replied and even without me opening my eyes, I knew he had a cheeky smile on. I dropped my hands as I turned to face him.

"Please?" I said with a small smile.

"You've seen me shirtless a lot of times, why are you complaining now?" Paul asked

"The last time I saw you, you didn't have some silly drawing on your stomach" I replied.

"It’s not some drawing, it’s called six packs" Paul replied grinning.

"Whatever, please do wear a shirt now" I said waving him off.

"Fine" Paul said as he turned to go. He walked back and faced David; "She'll kick your ass in any of those games, so don't engage her in one" he added and disappeared.

"He was joking right?" David said as he collected one of the discs from me and slotted it in.

"Let's play" David added.

He passed a pad to me and he connected it.

"You are playing with her? Am so videoing this" Paul said as he walked out with a shirt.

Felix, Mayorkun and Paul sat on the cushion behind us while David and I sat on the floor. I kept peeping while I arranged my team if Kola was going to come out but it seems like he wasn't going to.

"Don't break your neck, he won't come out" Felix said as I turned red. The boys burst into laughter as I tried to hide my face.

Oh Lord, until when will I be ridiculed like this?

"Ready?" David asked.

I nodded as we started playing. Fifteen minutes into the game, I scored a goal.

"Madd oh!" Felix screamed as Stephen opened his mouth to say something but no words came out. Apparently, the words refused to form. David kept glancing at me as we resumed the game. He intensified his moves and kept trying to score a goal.  In the process I scored another goal.

David turned to me a poker look on his face. I turned to him with a look that said: Sorry bro, you aren't my match.

"Madd oh" Felix said again when I scored another goal.

We continued playing and by the end of first half, it was 4-0. David stood up and walked towards the fridge and gulped water.

"Pele, don't cry" Felix said teasing him but he only got a snort in reply.

"Jola, please go easy on him" Felix added laughing.

We resumed playing and by the end of the game; I won.


"Bosslady! " Felix and Mayorkun started hailing as I just laughed. David held the pad and continued looking like Jesus had come and he didn't get to go to heaven.

I stood up from the floor and walked towards the fridge to get myself some water.

"I’m so posting this video" Paul yelled. That was what jolted David out of his trance as he started running after Paul begging him not to embarrass him.

As Paul ran around laughing, His eyes caught a shadow and before he could raise his head, it was gone. His eyes went to the swaying curtains as a smile crawled up his lips. 

"Don't post it now" David begged as he slumped on one of the chairs.

"Who taught you how to play?" Mayorkun asked.

"Paul" I replied wiping away the water at the corners or my mouth.

"Whoa!" Mayorkun replied.

"I taught her and yet she kicks my butt every time" Paul replied as he huffed and sat down.

"You are really good" Felix said and stood up.

My eyes went to the wall clock on the wall of the room.


"I’m hungry oo" Felix whined as he laid on the floor.

"Better go and drink garri" Paul replied before he cackled into laughter.

"Can't you guys cook?" I asked as I reached for my phone and headset.

Paul cackled into laughter as I glared at him.

"No one can cook, we keep burning food. At least, David can still make spag, Kola is the worst, that dude burns water" Felix replied.

I didn't even realize I had burst into laughter. I held my stomach as I rolled on the floor.

Burn water? That's mad.

I stopped when the guys were staring at me.

"What?" I asked looking pensive.

"You look cute when you laugh" Mayorkun replied.

I felt my cheeks heat up as I sat back on the cushion.

"Stop flirting with her" Paul said frowning a little before a smile crawled up his face.  "She can't take it" Paul added before laughing.

"Don't bite my head off, she's my sister, nothing gonna happen" Felix said as he winked at me.

I just smiled a little as my eyes strayed to the passage again.

Ya! Come out will you?

"Are you hungry?" Paul asked.

"Not really" I replied.

"Not really?" Paul asked again.

"I ate with mom and dad nah" I replied.

"You barely touched your food" Paul said looking at me.

"I sha ate" I replied him rolling my eyes.

"Come along" he said standing up as I followed him. We entered the kitchen. It was very neat and there were no plates in the sink.

"Did you bring your inhaler?" Paul asked.

"Yeah, I did" I replied.

"When last did you have an attack?" Paul asked again.

" A while. Can't remember" I replied shaking off the nostalgic feeling in my stomach.

Paul nodded his head "That's good" Paul said.

"I'll be fine" I replied with a smile.

Paul smiled a little "Will you cook or I should take you to chicken rep?" Paul asked.

"Is Kola an introvert?" It fell from my mouth even before I knew it.

Paul laughed slightly as he rested his back on the slab.

"He has been always like that. You can say he's snobbish and icy and sometimes cold. He's reserved like you. That's what everyone knows but Kola is more than that. He's very nice and he's a good friend. He's crazy too and yeah he can be hell ass annoying, he's my best buddy" Paul replied.

I nodded my head slowly.

"You like him?" Paul asked.

"Huh?" I asked.

"Don't try denying it. You've being eyefucking since you saw him" Paul replied laughing as I slapped his shoulder.

I was red already and thanks to my fair complexion, that was obvious already.

"You are red paah!" Paul exclaimed in victory.

"Couldn't you have used another word? You are a pervert" I said looking smug.

"A proud one" Paul replied sloppily while I shook my head.

"I’m listening" Paul said.

I pursued my lips "Nothing, he's just really cute" I said shrugging my shoulders.

Yeah. I tell Paul everything. EVERYTHING.

"So it’s just a crush? " Paul asked.

I shrugged my shoulders "Maybe" I replied.

"It’s rare you like someone, fighting!" Paul said with a short laugh.

I laughed a little as we walked back to the sitting room. Kola was already sprawled on the long cushion his hands dancing on his phone. I froze in my tracks and stared at him. His long fingers were really a sight.

"Stop eyefucking him" Paul whispered in my ears as I turned to hit him but he already moved away. My phone and headset was just above his head.

I stretched my hands to pick it and my hands slowly brushed his hair. I thought I felt electric current pass through me. I thought I was the only one who felt it as I froze until Kola rested on his elbow and turned to me.

Mehn! Those eyes aren't good for me.

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